China orders coal mines to ‘produce as much as possible’ | World’s largest coal producer & consumer

China Asks Mines to Produce As much Coal as possible  

Press Release CLINTEL: Climate optimist William Happer 15/16 November in the Netherlands

Press release CLINTEL: Climate optimist William Happer 15/16 November in the Netherlands William Happer, natuurkundige, emeritus professor van Princeton University, uitgesproken klimaatoptimist, klimaatadviseur van ex-president Trump, brengt 15 en 16 november, op uitnodiging van Stichting CLINTEL een bezoek aan Nederland. Hij zal op maandag 15 november om 19:00 uur een publiekslezing geven in Amsterdam en…

E-Vehicle Woes: German Cities Remove E-Buses From Service After Bursting In Flames: “Fire Hazard”

E-buses in Germany a “fire hazard” as batteries can heat up to 1000°C. German cities taking vehicles out of service as a precaution.  Even after years of fine-tuning, electric vehicle manufacturers still seem unable to get e-vehicle technology to work as safely as it needs to for personal and public transportation. German media, for example here,…

Consecutive cold years reveal climate hoax of COP26

As world leaders met this week at Glasgow for COP26, real-life data such as cold weather and increasing sea ice hints at the falseness of their faux climate crises. Residents of Delhi, for instance, are bracing for another cold winter after the country’s meteorological department forecasted below-normal temperatures for November. In fact, a string of…

COP26 Calls for Zero Emission Shipping by 2050 and Methane Reductions

As leaders from around the world gathered in Scotland at the UN Climate Change Conference COP26, the role of the shipping industry, as expected, has become one of the topics of discussion. The first days of the conference have taken steps to again focus on the import role of the entire maritime supply chain in…

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