California Car Owners Could Get Up to an $800 Rebate to Help Offset Gas Prices

The CO2 Coalition statement concerning Gavin Newsom proposing $800 subsidies for high gasoline pricing: Measures like stimulus checks and suspension of gas taxes are gimmicks that only increase demand for fuel and add upward pressure to prices. They do nothing to address the underlying problem of too little supply. The solution to that is increased… Continue Reading

CO2 Coalition Says Virginia Climate Programs Have No Scientific Basis

Release: Immediate RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia’s attempts to influence the climate have no scientific basis and would have no measurable effect, according to testimony presented Thursday by representatives of the CO2 Coalition, an Arlington-based organization of scientists and researchers. Appearing before the House Commerce and Energy Subcommittee were Gregory Wrightstone, executive director and an expert… Continue Reading

CO2 Coalition Statement on HB 118 concerning the VA Clean Economy Act

Presented to the Virginia Legislature in support of HB 118 – Repeal the Virginia Clean Economy Act Climate change and Virginia – Separating fact from fiction Statement prepared by Gregory Wrightstone; executive director of the CO2 Coalition based in Arlington. He is a geologist and an expert reviewer for the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on… Continue Reading

Statement on Virginia Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

CO2 Coalition praises Youngkin’s rejection of carbon tax RELEASE: IMMEDIATE                 December 10, 2021 ARLINGTON, VA — The CO2 Coalition said Thursday that Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s pledge to discontinue the state’s participation in a multi-state carbon tax bespoke common sense and a vision for rational energy policy. Mr. Youngkin’s promise would reverse the action of the… Continue Reading

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