Climate Policy Should Not Be Used To Determine Limits on Hospital Emissions

By Vijay Jayaraj The turbulence that caused a Singapore Airlines flight to drop 6,000 feet in minutes was blamed on climate change by a hysterical media. Having killed a passenger and injured more than 70 others, the incident was one of the worst of its kind and indeed tragic. However, the connection to supposed man-made… Continue Reading

Natural Gas Fuels Prosperity of Canadian First Nations Communities

By Vijay Jayaraj Obsessed with the faux climate crisis, the Canadian government in Ottawa seemingly discounts altogether the social and economic benefits of natural gas to First Nations communities of the country’s western region. Approximately 5% of the world’s gas comes from Canada, mainly from the vast Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin underlying several provinces, including… Continue Reading

Tiger Populations Depend on Conservation, Not Climate Management

By Vijay Jayaraj Radical organizations such as Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion routinely blame the fossil fuel industry and rapid industrialization for damaging ecosystems. One such claim is that climate change is killing polar bears and myriad other species. “Climate change could wipe out one of world’s largest tiger strongholds,” claimed a headline at EarthDay.org. But… Continue Reading

Energy Sobriety In The Canadian Rockies: Natural Gas Is Here To Stay

By Tilak Doshi What a breathe of fresh air! Not only because it is in the mountains, the Canadian Rockies, with the spectacular backdrop of Banff, Alberta, to be specific. But also because it is refreshing that the triennial global gas conference IGRC2024 held in Banff last week headlined speakers who proclaimed the virtues of fossil fuels… Continue Reading

Brazil’s Economic Future Hinges on Fossil Fuels

By Vijay Jayaraj Brazil’s prosperity hinges on its capacity to harness the foundational element of any economy: energy. However, for millions of Brazilians, the path to economic advancement is complicated by the hypocritical “green” agendas of leaders in developed economies that have benefited from fossil fuels since the beginning of the industrial era. As an… Continue Reading

Counter Point: Fossil Fuels Help the Environment

By Vijay Jayaraj One of the biggest pushbacks to economic development today is the claim that growth destroys nature. Radical organizations like Extinction Rebellion label capitalism and agriculture as evil. The fossil-fuel industry in particular and industrialization in general are blamed for the loss of ecosystems and habitats. Mainstream media make dramatic claims that wildlife… Continue Reading

Fossil Fuels Are the Answer to Asia’s Hot Summers

By Vijay Jayaraj Fossil fuels, often blamed for causing Asia’s hot summers due to global warming, are helping people survive the sweltering heat! Yes, coal-fired power plants, despite their caricature of evil by know-nothing journalists, continue to play a crucial role in ensuring energy security during challenging summers. In the densely populated metropolitan areas of… Continue Reading

Coal’s Importance for Solar Panel Manufacturing

By Dr. Lars Schernikau Coal is not the favorite “child” these days. It seems that almost the entire western political world has sworn to send coal to its grave. Not only have the United Nations and the IEA literally declared “war” on coal, but countless political, activist organizations and even leading financial institutions have pledged, if it… Continue Reading

Drowning in Sewage and Dumping Money into a Climate Rathole

We humans dream of colonizing Mars, building flying cars, and achieving immortality. Yet, amidst this fervent pursuit of futures that sometimes drift into fantasy, we’re neglecting critical problems of the present. An example is rampant pollution of our waters. This neglect exists even in advanced societies such as the United Kingdom, where untreated sewage spills… Continue Reading

Winter Without Your Gasoline Car?

By Steve Goreham January of this year brought near-zero temperatures to Chicago and other northern cites, producing an electric vehicle (EV) charging nightmare. National media showed images of owners pushing dead EVs around charging stations and waiting for hours to try to charge their vehicle. Drivers lucky enough to connect to a charger sat in… Continue Reading

The U.S. Needs a Nuclear Energy Makeover

Bipartisan legislation in Congress could make it easier to deploy reactors and reduce waste. By David T. Stevenson and Robert M. Bauman Bipartisan legislation moving through Congress could solve America’s nuclear-waste problem and make it easier to deploy nuclear reactors, propelling the U.S. toward a clean-energy future. Nuclear fuel rods, which power reactors, have life spans of… Continue Reading

“All of the Above” — a VERY Bad Idea

By John Droz Jr. The fundamental fight over enacting effective energy policies is between lobbyists and the public. (A parallel perspective is that it is a contest between real Science and political science.) Lobbyists are paid to represent their clients’ economic interests or political agendas. The public consists of citizens, businesses, and the military. Lobbyists are professionals who spend most of their time soliciting… Continue Reading

As Europe Deindustrializes, Can Economic Suicide Be Avoided?

By Tilak Doshi Voltaire famously said that “common sense is not so common.” Nowhere is this adage more relevant than in the field of energy policies in the European Union. These policies are most vigorously pursued in Germany—Europe’s industrial powerhouse—since it adopted the Energiewende legislation in 2010. The regulations and mandates adopted are simultaneously hostile to fossil fuels and… Continue Reading

The Cost of Wyoming’s Senseless CO2 Capture

by Frits Byron Soepyan Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon has signed a piece of legislation that directs public utilities providing electricity to more than 10,000 customers to “generate a specified percentage of electricity that is dispatchable and reliable low‑carbon electricity.” This rule applies to existing coal‑fired plants and equivalent new plants. “Low-carbon” is defined as electricity… Continue Reading

The Looming Electrical Power Shortage

By Steve Goreham People in developed nations take abundant electricity for granted. When asked where electricity comes from, most will point to their wall outlet. But many states in the US are headed for a serious and prolonged shortage of electrical power not seen in decades, driven by rising demand from the artificial intelligence revolution… Continue Reading

Asia Embraces Coal as the U.S. Rejects It

By Vijay Jayaraj Vietnam and other Asian countries are on a coal spree! Given the dynamics of energy use in the rapidly developing industrial sector there, it is no surprise that these nations have backpedalled on big promises made at international climate conferences to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels. Vietnam’s projected 2024… Continue Reading

Shapiro Energy Policy Is a Formula for Expensive Electricity

By Gordon Tomb Pennsylvania voters are increasingly concerned about rising energy costs. According to recent polling, 80 percent of Pennsylvanians say their utility bills have climbed over the past two years, with 34 percent saying their bills jumped “a lot.” Yet, the experience of other states shows Gov. Josh Shapiro’s preferred policies practically guarantee increased electricity… Continue Reading

The Cost of EPA’s Senseless CO2 Capture

by Frits Byron Soepyan In April 24, 2024, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) passed a new rule that would require coal power plants that plan to continue operating after January 1, 2039, and new natural gas power plants that plan to begin operation on or after 2035 to capture at least 90% of… Continue Reading

Scientific Report Pours Cold Water On Major Talking Point Of Climate Activists

By Gregory Wrightstone The purveyors of climate doom will not tolerate the good news of our planet thriving because of modest warming and increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide. However, a recent scientific paper concludes that an optimistic vision for Earth and its inhabitants is nonetheless justified. Widely accepted data show an overall greening of Earth resulting from a… Continue Reading

How AI Is Outsmarting Green Energy, Zero Carbon Fantasies

By Larry Bell Big artificial intelligence-related companies are soon coming to realize that net-zero emissions plans to kill and replace fossil energy with wind and solar is a dumb notion that will leave them and American power consumers competing in the dark. As noted by Wall Street Journal writers Jennifer Hiller and Scott Patterson, giant… Continue Reading

Biden’s Climate Emergency: Green Policies on Steroids?

By Tilak Doshi According to a Bloomberg report last week, White House officials have renewed discussions about declaring a national “climate emergency”. The intent is not new. Six days after President Biden’s inauguration, the then newly minted Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called for the president to declare an emergency over the “climate crisis.” In 2022, the administration considered a similar… Continue Reading

Climate Ideology Ignores Science, Threatens Humanity

By Lee Gerhard Climate scientists would be less likely to issue dire warnings of planetary doom if they gave more credence to the geological history of the past several million years. Instead, they rely on computer models that are biased by the preconceptions of their manipulators and incapable of accounting for the myriad factors influencing… Continue Reading

Pennsylvania’s Gov. Shapiro’s Misguided Attempt to Cure a Very Healthy Climate

By Gregory Wrightstone Somebody should tell Gov. Shapiro that his state of Pennsylvania is doing very well environmentally. Overall, the weather has been getting better and agricultural production is up. Nevertheless, he repeatedly attacks the producers and users of energy to address a supposed climate crisis. His administration is trying to keep Pennsylvania trapped in the… Continue Reading

EPA’s Electric Rationing Madness Short Circuits Any Benefit

By Larry Bell There was a time when the EPA provided vitally important services to clean up and protect America’s air, land, and water from truly toxic substances. That was before climate change madness ensued and essential plant-nourishing CO2 was deemed a “pollutant” to be eliminated by replacing reliable hydrocarbons that provide more than 80% of… Continue Reading

Facebook Censorship due to a Science Feedback “Fact Check”

By Andy May Facebook’s censorship is totally out of hand, and their “independent and nonpartisan fact checks” are anything but. Now they are censoring “Climate: The Movie.” The supposed “fact checks” provided by Science Feedback and Climate Feedback (they are two branches of the same organization) have been shown many times to be both partisan… Continue Reading

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