“The climate-crisis big lie serves to resurrect socialism”

CO2 Coalition member Seok Soon Park is speaking out.

A professor of environmental science at “Ewha Womans University” in Seoul, Seok Soon Park is the first Korean scientist to have had the courage – because it takes courage – to publicly expose himself against the lie of the climate crisis. With an American doctorate in environmental science from Rutgers University, he returned to South Korea in 1988 to found the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering at his current university. As the president of the Korean Society for Environmental Education, for 30 years he has been promoting affluent environmentalism, or what we might call “environmentalism for happy growth”, as opposed to the Green Left’s deindustrialization and anti-development, i.e., an unhappy degrowth.

“Human activities can create environmental problems, that are solvable, though. The solution is to invest money for the environment, something that capitalism makes possible. The Greens and the left, on the other hand, claim that capitalism would cause an environmental crisis and socialism would be the solution, but this is an illusion and the Korean peninsula proves it. North Korea faces extreme poverty and serious environmental problems. In 2006, I visited Pyongyang and the surrounding areas of North Korea and witnessed firsthand the disastrous situation: socialism is not a system for the betterment of humanity, but only a political deception to gain power. Moreover, the final result of socialism is poverty, and it also becomes the greatest enemy of the environment. Instead, where there is prosperous life and capitalism there is also environmental protection. My 2012 book “The Affluent Environmentalism: A rich and healthy environmental nation is our future” explains this philosophy of happy growth in detail.”

“The climate-crisis big lie serves to resurrect socialism”

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