The CO2 Learning Center is on a Mission to Combat Indoctrination in Schools

On April 5th, 2024, Angela Wheeler gave a speech at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, during which she spoke about the CO2 Learning Center – formed by a handful of CO2 Coalition members in 2019 – and its mission to combat indoctrination within schools across America.

Nobel laureate John Clauser’s ICSF/CLINTEL Lecture

In this detailed presentation, Nobel laureate Dr. John Clauser takes on the false claims – which stem from inaccurate computer models – of the IPCC and NOAA as it relates to climate change.

The NSTA Promotes Climate Alarmism and Silences Dissent

On April 5th, 2024, Rafaella Nascimento gave a speech at the annual Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, during which she not only critiqued the National Science Teaching Association’s (NSTA) position on climate change, but also told the audience of the time she and her colleagues at the CO2 Coalition were ousted from the NSTA’s annual convention.

Extinctions | Climate Chronicles

The dinosaurs vanished in the fifth mass extinction over sixty-five million years ago. Is the sixth mass extinction already underway? In the latest CO2 Coalition Climate Chronicles video, we pull back the curtain on yet another set of untruths propagated by the Climate Industrial Complex.

American Schools Have Rejected Science and Embraced Propaganda

On April 5th, 2024, Sharon Camp gave a speech at the annual Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, during which she scrutinized the dismal state of public education in the United States and its rejection of the scientific method.

Nobel Laureate John Clauser’s Speech at the Competitive Enterprise Institute

On March 18th, 2024, Dr. John Clauser – awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics – delivered a presentation at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in which he tackled the many false and misleading claims of climate activists and mainstream climatologists.

Pennsylvanians Should Embrace a High-Carbon Lifestyle

On April 5th, 2024, Gregory Wrightstone spoke before a large crowd at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference’s annual event to dismantle the lies that comprise the mainstream narrative on climate change.

Dr. William Happer Discusses Sodium Guide Star Laser

Dr. William Happer, CO2 Coalition Chair and Princeton Professor Emeritus, discusses his invention, the sodium guide star laser, part of the Strategic Defense Initiative, that is used in astronomical adaptive optics to correct for the degrading effects of atmospheric turbulence. According to Dr. Ethan Siegel, this invention was “perhaps the most spectacular, revolutionary advance in…

Heat and Mortality | Climate Chronicles

Will a warmer climate kill more people? If the planet keeps getting warmer, does it mean you’ll die earlier than you should? Should you worry about a future where it’s warmer than it is now? History tells us the real story. Find out more in this CO2 Coalition Climate Chronicles video.

Gregory Wrightstone’s Presentation to WY Senate Agriculture Committee

On February 13, 2024, CO2 Coalition Executive Director Gregory Wrightstone provided a presentation before the Senate Agriculture, State & Public Lands & Water Resources Committee.

CO2 and Food Abundance | Climate Chronicles

Is carbon dioxide poisoning the air? How much trouble are we really in? This CO2 Coalition Climate Chronicles video explains the role of carbon dioxide and its necessity for our food supply and survival.

Wildfires | CO2 Coalition Climate Chronicles

We have about 100 years of data on wildfires in the United States available to us. However, misleading charts only present data which appears to support a massive increase in wildfires. But when you examine the entire 100-year database, you reveal a completely different perspective that shows a dramatic decrease in the amount of acres…

Heat Wave? | CO2 Coalition Climate Chronicles

Why are you hearing dire climate warnings? Almost daily? Preachers of a fiery climate change gospel want you to believe that only they have the plan to stop it. But to do so, they must take control of our financial system. The climate experts at the CO2 Coalition have the complete set of data and…

Stu Does America with Featured Guest Gregory Wrightstone

Geologist and CO2 Coalition Executive Director, Gregory Wrightstone, uses scientific facts in his interview with Stu to refute climate change alarmism claims.

The Latest Climate Science – Good News for Irish Agriculture!

An ISCF & Clintel Zoom presentation held on Tuesday, November 14, 2023 This lecture features the latest knowledge on climate science as researched by Prof Happer and Prof van Wijngaarden, where their accurate modelling of the influence of the various Green-House Gases on earth’s radiation has led to a lower estimate of climate sensitivity to…

Bill Stewart on The Hrvoje Moric Show | TNT Radio

GUEST OVERVIEW: William D. Stewart, attended Brown University ’68 on a Navy scholarship, receiving his Sc.B. and A.B. degrees in electrical engineering and his commission in the regular Navy. He is a member of the CO2 Coalition.

Climate Industrial Complex Behind Fear Narratives Involving Global Warming: Geologist

Gregory Wrightstone, executive director of the CO2 Coalition, was interviewed by NTD’s Kevin Hogan discussing the false narratives spun by the climate industrial complex.

The Inconvenient Truth About the ‘Scientific Consensus’ on ‘Climate Change’

From LifeSiteNews: Speaking to LifeSiteNews’ Jim Hale, Gregory Wrightstone, executive director of the CO2 Coalition, spoke to the reality of the so-called climate ‘crisis’ and the effects green energy has on the environment.

Trent on the Loos Discusses CO2 with Gregory Wrightstone

Trent on the Loose interviewed Executive Director Gregory Wrightstone, author of the best-selling book “Inconvenient Facts.” The conversation focused on the oftentimes controversial topic of carbon dioxide (CO2). About Trent on the Loos: Trent Loos is a sixth-generation cattle rancher who travels the country on horseback looking for the people and places that make this…

Gregory Wrightstone Featured Guest on OAN’s In Focus


Dr. William Happer | Institute of Public Affairs | Brisbane


William Happer | The Physics of Carbon Dioxide Explained


Gordon Fulks Featured Guest on TNT Radio

CO2 Coalition Director Gordon Fulks was the featured guest on TNT Radio’s Through the Looking Glass with Scott Wheeler.

Bruce Everett Featured Guest on TNT Radio’s Through the Looking Glass

CO2 Coalition Director Dr. Bruce Everett was the featured guest on TNT Radio’s Through the Looking Glass with Scott Wheeler. Dr. Everett discussed electrical power systems and the problems associated with forcing renewables into markets, providing a review of the actual data (not computer models or predictions) that supports his position. His recently published report…

WIOX Dennison with Featured Guest Gregory Wrightstone

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