New study finds that CO2 is increasing the rate by which the globe is greening, even under drought

From Just the News’ Kevin Killough: A new study finds that human-caused carbon dioxide emissions are driving increased plant growth that’s greening the Earth, even in areas experiencing drought. The peer-reviewed study, which was published in the scientific journal Global Ecology and Conservation, finds that the phenomenon known as “global greening” is an indisputable fact. The… Continue Reading

JPMorgan Chase, BlackRock drop out of massive UN climate alliance in stunning move

From FOX Business’ Thomas Catenacci: JPMorgan Chase and institutional investors BlackRock and State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) on Thursday announced that they are quitting or, in the case of BlackRock, substantially scaling back involvement in a massive United Nations climate alliance formed to combat global warming through corporate sustainability agreements. The complete article can be accessed… Continue Reading

Letter To The Editor: Gov Gordon, We Disagree That There Is A CO2-Driven “Climate Crisis”

From Cowboy State Daily: Dear editor: This is an open letter to Governor Mark Gordon. You stated that Wyoming “will be the first carbon negative state.” You say you will lead the initiative to “decarbonize[e] the West”. Sen. Steinmetz and other legislators challenged you to support your claims of this supposed looming CO2-driven “climate crisis”… Continue Reading

Greenland is turning green again for the first time since medieval times. Why it matters.

USA Today admits that it was warmer and greener on Greenland during the Medieval Warm Period than today and then goes full-on alarmist. From USA Today’s Doyle Rice: We may need to rethink that old expression “Greenland is ice, Iceland is green.” New research published Tuesday says that because of global warming, Greenland’s ice sheet is melting… Continue Reading

CO2 Coalition Fights for Wyoming

A team of climate experts from the CO2 Coalition, including Dr. William Happer, Dr. Byron Soepyan and Gregory Wrightstone will travel to Wyoming to provide the facts concerning the huge benefits of carbon dioxide. Their new report Wyoming and Climate Change: CO2 Should Be Celebrated, Not Captured is available now. Gillette Community College, Presentation Hall… Continue Reading

What Drought? Amazon Data Show Little Overall Rainfall Change in 300 Years

From Daily Sceptic’s Chris Morrison: Hysteria reigned supreme as recent global mainstream media headlines blamed last year’s drought in the Amazon basin on human-caused climate change. The BBC reported that without human involvement, the drought may have been a once in 1,500 year event. Damian Carrington of the Guardian said it “hit the maximum ‘exceptional’ level on the scientific… Continue Reading

Open Position: Summer Operations/Science Intern

CO2 Coalition Summer Operations/Science Intern The CO2 Coalition is seeking a paid Operations/Science Intern to assist with day-to-day activities, multi-media projects, research and high-profile projects. The Coalition is a nonprofit organization which promotes rational analysis of climate science and energy economics. The Operations/Science Intern will work closely with Coalition staff, leaders, and members who include… Continue Reading

Open Position: Events Associate

CO2 Coalition Events Associate Description The CO2 Coalition is looking for a highly organized and detail-oriented Events Associate to manage our organization’s participation in external events and facilitate the Coalition’s hosted events. This is a great opportunity to gain experience in events planning and provide general administrative support. The CO2 Coalition is a small nonprofit… Continue Reading

CO2 Coalition Influences American Farm Bureau Climate Policy

Through a partnership of the CO2 Coalition and members of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau (PFB), the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) has adopted policy statements presenting a rational consideration of the climate change issue. The action was taken at the AFBF national convention this month, reports Julie Schrum, a PFB board member. Last summer, CO2… Continue Reading

Tesla Disaster As Cars Won’t Charge in Freezing Cold

From Newsweek: Tesla owners in the Chicago metropolitan area are reporting that they are struggling to charge their electric vehicles (EVs) in recent cold temperatures as waves of Arctic air sweep through America. Several motorists told local news outlets that they had been stranded at charging stations in the cold with cars with dead batteries,… Continue Reading

Biden Admin’s New Climate Rules Could Mean Big Payday For His Buddies, Burden For American Businesses

From Kevin Mooney in Daily Caller: In a setback for former government officials and attorneys poised to cash in on proposed climate disclosure rules, the Securities and Exchange Commission continued to kick the ball down the road last year. Many of the objections raised in public comments revolve around so-called Scope 3 emissions that are not directly produced… Continue Reading

The Pendulum is Beginning to Swing Against Climate Cultists

A new article by Gordon Tomb — a senior fellow with the Commonwealth Foundation, a Pennsylvania-based, free-market think tank, and senior advisor with the CO2 Coalition, Arlington, Virginia — has the intriguing title: “Are ‘green’ agendas carrying governors to political cliffs?” While the article focuses on recent actions by PA Gov. Josh Shapiro and Wyoming… Continue Reading

Federal Court Throws Wrench Into Biden Admin’s War On Appliances

From Daily Caller‘s Nick Pope: A federal appeals court shot down the Biden administration’s efforts to repeal existing regulations on dishwashers and clothes washers on Monday. The U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion in a legal battle between eleven red states and the federal government over the Department of Energy’s (DOE) efforts… Continue Reading

Brand new electric buses paralyzed in Oslo

From ASB Zeitung: Oslo, Norway – Winter is here and with it the freezing cold. And now public transport is also paralyzed. Oslo’s brand new fleet of electric buses is not designed for these temperatures – their batteries are failing miserably in the icy cold. Too cold for the batteries – Brand new electric buses… Continue Reading

Wyoming governor reveals troubling lack of knowledge

Press release CO2 Coalition on Wyoming Governor’s latest pronouncement on carbon capture RELEASE: Immediate                                                          December 11, 2023 Press Release 2023 12 11 60 Minutes  Gov. Gordon’s 60 Minutes interview reveals troubling lack of knowledge  ARLINGTON, Va. — Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has proposed taking the Cowboy State to negative net zero by building vast, industrial-scale… Continue Reading

Cop28 President Says There is ‘No Science’ Behind Demands for Phase-Out of Fossil Fuels

From The Guardian’s Rebecca Solnit: The president of Cop28, Sultan Al Jaber, has claimed there is “no science” indicating that a phase-out of fossil fuels is needed to restrict global heating to 1.5C, the Guardian and the Centre for Climate Reporting can reveal. Al Jaber also said a phase-out of fossil fuels would not allow sustainable… Continue Reading

Coal generation decreased in 2022, but overall U.S. emissions increased

“Overall, U.S. energy-related CO2 emissions increased slightly in 2022 to 4,939 MMmt from 4,905 MMmt in 2021, driven by a 2% increase in transportation sector emissions and a combined 1% increase in the residential and commercial sectors, according to our newly released annual report on energy-related carbon emissions. Industrial sector emissions declined by 2% as… Continue Reading

Car dealers press Biden to ease up on ‘unrealistic’ electric vehicle push

by Breanne Deppisch, Energy and Environment Reporter November 28, 2023 11:34 AM A group of U.S. auto dealers urged the Biden administration to ease up on its ambitious electric vehicle targets, citing concerns about what the dealers say is a lag in consumer demand. The group of dealers, which collectively dubbed themselves the EV Voice… Continue Reading

Volcanoes, Iceland and Climate

Magma-induced earthquakes began in southwest Iceland in late October, peaking last week before recently waning. As a surface expression of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the island nation is no stranger to volcanic activity. At least three major eruptions over the last 3,000 years were large enough to significantly impact global climate. Each of these three led… Continue Reading

Thousands of Old Wind Turbine Blades Pile Up in West Texas

From Texas Monthly’s Russell Gold: Every year since 1958, the West Texas town of Sweetwater has hosted the World’s Largest Rattlesnake Roundup, which is exactly what it sounds like. Thousands of the venomous ophidians are rooted out of their dens and brought to the Nolan County Coliseum to be gawked at, “milked,” and often beheaded and skinned. It… Continue Reading

Wyoming governor’s speech erupts into fight over future of fossil fuels, carbon capture

Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon sparked a backlash from state lawmakers when he discussed plans to make the Cowboy State carbon dioxide-neutral during a talk at Harvard last month. The governor added that the problem won’t be solved by turning off fossil fuels, and he promoted the use of carbon capture and sequestration. These technologies either capture… Continue Reading

Washington Post Attack on Nobel Prize-Winning Climate Sceptic Backfires Spectacularly

Recently Dr. Clauser has come out strongly against the notion that there is a climate emergency, but his remarks have been ignored by journalists following a ‘settled’ narrative. Unfortunately, the WaPo stunt turned into a spectacular own goal since it called on the services of the science influencer Michael Mann to attack Clauser’s view as… Continue Reading

Wyoming Governor Backs Out of Climate Debate

Guest Column: Gordon Was Standing Tall In The Saddle Until He Backed Down Guest columnist Gregory Wrightstone writes, “Gov. Gordon was standing tall in the saddle when he accepted an invitation to debate publicly his so-called carbon-negative policy in a state heavily engaged in the production of fossil fuels. However, he ultimately backed down.” As… Continue Reading

Famine Deaths vs. Temperature

The combination of modest warming, more CO2 and use of nitrogen fertilizers (derived from fossil fuels) are greatly increasing crop yields worldwide. Thanks to this abundance of food production, deaths due to famine are in steep decline despite increasing temperatures in the 20th century. The chart above is sourced from the new book A Very Convenient… Continue Reading

Dr. Clauser Speaks Out Again!

CO2 Coalition Director and Nobel Laureate (Physics) John Clauser traveled to Baltimore this past week to speak at a press conference on climate. He began his presentation with the exclamation: “Great news! There is no climate crisis!… Much as it may upset many people, my message is the planet is not in peril.” The Washington Post ran… Continue Reading

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