CLINTEL lecture William Happer in Amsterdam

William Happer, one of the most well-known climate optimists/realists in the world, visited The Netherlands on November 15 and 16, on the invitation of CLINTEL. Happer is a physicist, professor emeritus at Princeton University, former (climate) advisor in the Trump Administration and founder of the US thinktank the CO2 Coalition. Happer gave a CLINTEL Lecture (full talk with…

Dissecting the Texas Power Failure

CO2 Coalition member Gregg Goodnight talks about the February 2021 Texas power failure at the hands of ERCOT. Goodnight also discusses what lessons should be learned. This is one of nine presentations given by members and leaders of the CO2 Coalition at the 2021 International Conference on Climate Change in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Mann-ipulating Science: Sloppy Work or Scientific Bias Gregory Wrightstone (ICCC-14)

Gregory Wrightstone’s presentation from the Heartland Institute’s 14th International Conference on Climate Change is titled “Mann-ipulating science: Sloppy work or scientific bias?”

Climate Models vs. Reality Dr. Patrick Michaels (ICCC-14)

Patrick Michaels, Ph.D., past president of the American Association of State Climatologists and current senior fellow at the CO2 Coalition and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, delivers his keynote address at The Heartland Institute’s 14th International Conference on Climate Change.
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Noble Lies Dr. William Happer (ICCC-14)

A keynote science presentation by Dr. William Happer, Co-Founder and Chair of the CO2 Coalition, entitled “Noble Lies.”

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