Princeton physicist: Climate change is ‘not a problem’; CO2, a good thing

A physicist and professor emeritus at Princeton University not only contends that climate change is “not a problem” but that extra CO2 is beneficial to humanity. Dr. Will Happer said during a lecture in Amsterdam last month: This article was first published on the worldtribune website. To read more, click here.

Urgent Action Needed, or Glasgow Climate Change Hoax?

Gregory Wrightstone, executive director of the CO2 Coalition, says contrary to what people are being told by conference speakers, scientific facts prove that Earth is not in the midst of a warming crisis and life on the planet is actually flourishing....
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Candace Owens Podcast on climate change 10/4/21

Candace Owens interviews Executive Director of the CO2 Coalition Gregory Wrightstone to discuss the fabricated climate crisis and the importance of carbon dioxide....

Stu Does America – fires, EVs and more

Executive Director of the CO2 Coalition Greg Wrightstone joins Stu Burguiere @BlazeTV with a handful of inconvenient facts about climate change you might not have heard yet....

PA’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Discussed

CO2 Coalition Executive Director Gregory Wrightstone sat down with David Taylor of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association to discuss the ramifications and justifications of the proposed Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative on the citizens of the Keystone State....

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