HHS embraces new mission: ‘Climate Change and Health Equity’

Things just got worse: “One of the largest departments in the federal government says it has role to play in safeguarding American’s health from the effects of climate change, and argues this role is “firmly rooted in public health history.” From Fox News‘ Peter Kasperowicz: The Department of Health and Human Services is a $2 trillion entity… Continue Reading

Tesla Megapack caught on fire at giant battery project

There was another incident involving a Tesla Megapack battery which caught on fire recently, Electrek has reported. The money line in this story about a recent fire at Tesla’s largest Megapack battery facility is: “With large volumes, some battery fires are inevitable, but Tesla has put a lot of effort into making sure they don’t… Continue Reading

Don’t Believe the Hype About Antarctica’s Melting Glaciers

From Wall Street Journal Opinion/Commentary By Steven Koonin, September 19, 2022 Alarming reports that the Antarctic ice sheet is shrinking misrepresent the science under way to understand a very complex situation. Antarctica has been ice-covered for at least 30 million years. The ice sheet holds about 26.5 million gigatons of water (a gigaton is a billion… Continue Reading

Climate Emergency Not Supported by Data, Say Four Leading Italian Scientists

“The scientists suggest that rather than burdening our children with anxiety about climate change, we should encourage them to think about issues like energy, food and health…” From Daily Sceptic‘s Chris Morrison: Four leading Italian scientists have undertaken a major review of historical climate trends and concluded that declaring a ‘climate emergency’ is not supported by the… Continue Reading

The CO2 Coalition Postdoctoral Fellowship

CO2 Coalition Postdoctoral Fellowship The CO2 Coalition is excited to announce a Scientific Research Fellowship for an outstanding candidate holding a Ph.D. in the hard sciences. This is a two-year fellowship program of interdisciplinary research, writing and publication. It is open to those who can work cooperatively on the creation of studies, papers and commentaries… Continue Reading

China May Boost Coal Power Plant Building Amid Energy Crunch

From Bloomberg News: Engineering firm expects 270 GW of new capacity by 2025 Chinese utilities have been shifting to cheaper renewables China may add more new coal-fired power plants in the next few years than previously expected after a spate of economy-pinching power crunches. The world’s biggest energy user is expected to add 270 gigawatts… Continue Reading

Britain Appoints Rees-Mogg, who Dismissed Climate Change Risks, to Energy Role

From Reuters‘ Andrew Macaskill and Paul Sandle: LONDON, Sept 6 (Reuters) – Britain appointed lawmaker Jacob Rees-Mogg, who has expressed scepticism about the need to fight climate change as the new business secretary, raising concerns that he could delay the target of reducing net zero emissions by 2050. Rees-Mogg, nicknamed “the honorable gentleman from the… Continue Reading

EXCLUSIVE: Former Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore Says Climate Change Based on False Narratives

By Lee Yun-Jeong, September 6, 2022 This was first published at Epoch Times. The complete article can be seen here. Patrick Moore, one of the founders of Greenpeace, said in an email obtained by The Epoch Times that his reasons for leaving Greenpeace were very clear: “Greenpeace was ‘hijacked’ by the political left when they… Continue Reading

“How In The Name Of God”: Shocked Europeans Post Astronomical Energy Bills As ‘Terrifying Winter’ Approaches

From Zero Hedge‘s Tyler Durden: Over the past week, shocked Europeans – mostly in the UK and Ireland – have been posting viral photos of shockingly high energy bills amid the ongoing (and worsening) energy crisis. Several of the posts were from small business owners who getting absolutely crushed right now, and won’t be able to remain operational much… Continue Reading

Majority of New Federal Climate Funds in Pennsylvania Going to Repave Parking Lots

From Just the News‘ Anthony Hennen: The U.S. Department of Agriculture is sending $740,000 to Pennsylvania for “critical infrastructure to combat climate change” – but most of the money will go toward repaving parking lots. The USDA Rural Development program provides taxpayer money for all sorts of programs, from infrastructure to health care to environmental and… Continue Reading

Virginia’s Youngkin Backs Out of Costly Carbon Credit Compact

Last year, the CO2 Coalition played a prominent role in providing the scientific basis for opposing the Virginia Clean Economy Act and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) in the state. In a victory of science over climate alarm, Virginia’s governor yesterday backed out of RGGI. From Just the News‘ Tyler Arnold: “Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s administration will… Continue Reading

Proposed Wind Turbine Projects Off the Coast of DE and MD

Do you enjoy summer vacations on the east coast of the United States? Outer Banks? Rehoboth Beach? Love getting up early to view the sun rising over the ocean? We hope that you have good photos because those vistas are about to be gone forever. Giant wind turbines are soon to be deployed up and… Continue Reading

Hawaii Quits Coal in Bid to Fight Climate Change

HONOLULU (AP) — “The last bits of ash and greenhouse gases from Hawaii’s only remaining coal-fired power plant slipped into the environment this week when the state’s dirtiest source of electricity burned its final pieces of fuel. …In 2020, Hawaii’s Legislature passed a law banning the use of coal for energy production at the start of… Continue Reading

Potential Blackouts as California Energy Grid Excessively Stressed

The California Independent System Operator (ISO) issued a Heat Bulletin on Tuesday, August 30, warning that upcoming excessive heat may result in blackouts due to the stress on the energy grid. The Heat Bulletin states: “Starting tomorrow through Tuesday, California and the West are expecting extreme heat that is likely to strain the grid with… Continue Reading

Californians Asked to Keep AC at 78 and Nix Electric Vehicle Charges to Spare Grid

California grid operators warned residents to prepare for voluntary energy cuts and other emergency measures, such as turning down the air conditioning and forgoing electric vehicle charges, as the state braces for a period of excessive heat expected to last through Tuesday. The California Independent System Operator said in a statement it is taking measures to bring “all available resources”… Continue Reading

Lake Mead Low Water Levels, Part 2 – Colorado River Inflow Variations and Trend

Claims of record low water levels at Lake Mead being related to man-made climate change, CO2 Coalition member Roy Spencer points out that the record high extraction of water for human needs is the primary culprit. Apparently, it takes a lot of water to fill swimming pools and to keep a lawn green in the… Continue Reading

‘There is No Climate Emergency’ (1,107 signatories and counting)

Feature Photo Source: WCD-version-06272215121.pdf (clintel.org) When the history of climate alarmism is written decades from now, there will be recognition about how a very able undercurrent of thought kept check on an intellectual/political/media elite declaring a dire emergency from the human influence on climate. And so more than a thousand intellectual, critical thinkers have signed… Continue Reading

A Truth the Climateers Simply Won’t Tolerate

Feature Photo: Australian Wombat in the Snowy Mountains The planet itself hasn’t warmed for nearly eight years, the satellites say. A Melbourne scientist friend, Geoff Sherrington, had crunched the latest data from the UAH satellites (below) and found Australia has not warmed for the past ten years – so much for the “climate emergency”. Canadian… Continue Reading

Ocean Acidification Cut Down to Size

Shark Week has become a staple of American television. Debuting in the summer of 1988 the event has morphed into a week-long block of programming at the Discovery Channel featuring all kinds of entertaining and educational shows focusing on sharks. Hot off the heels of this year’s event, I could not help but be drawn… Continue Reading

Forget about Climate Change; India is Booming on Coal!

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi knows that providing his citizens with reliable, inexpensive energy is one of his most important responsibilities. When launching the auction of 41 coal mines for commercial mining in June, Modi said, “Today’s auction is a win-win for all stakeholders. Industries will get new markets. State governments will get better revenues. Employment opportunities will be… Continue Reading

Australian bank announces it will BAN loans for petrol or diesel cars in order to fight climate change and encourage electric vehicles

Customer-owned Bank Australia will stop petrol and diesel car loans from 2025. Electric vehicles this year have a minuscule 1.6 per cent market share even when Tesla sales were included, with starting prices of $47,000 and a lack of charging stations turning off many potential motorists. But the customer-owned Bank Australia wants to change that, in a… Continue Reading

AP-NORC poll: Many in US doubt their own impact on climate

Americans are less concerned now about how climate change might impact them personally — and about how their personal choices affect the climate — than they were three years ago, a new poll shows[.] Overall, 35% of U.S. adults say they are “extremely” or “very” concerned about the impact of climate change on them personally,… Continue Reading

The Koonin-Dessler Debate

The debate I announced here between Steve Koonin and Andy Dessler took place Monday August 15th, it was very educational and illuminating. I will try and write more about it in a few days. In short Andy Dessler said that economic models suggest that climate change is a negative for human civilization and not positive at all.… Continue Reading

Average temperature flat for the past decade: Satellite data shows

According to the UAH temperature satellites that have been criss-crossing the continent for 40 years, Australia shows no warming for precisely the past decade. And globally, UAH satellite readings to end-of-June show no warming for seven years and 10 months. The ground-based HadCRUT series likewise shows no warming for 86 months. Authored by Tony Thomas and… Continue Reading

CO2 shortage threatens beer

A crisis in the supply of industrial carbon dioxide has created chaos in the American craft-beer industry, New Orleans brewer Jacob Landry said on “Fox & Friends First” on Wednesday morning. “Carbon dioxide is pretty critical during lots of different stages of the brewing process,” said Landry. “We need it in order to push beer from… Continue Reading

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