TOMB: Latest RGGI Lawsuit Highlights Increases in Electricity Prices

by Gordon Tomb Already struggling to cope with higher energy bills, Pennsylvanians are now experiencing double-digit rate hikes this fall. In September, some suppliers increased electricity prices another 19 percent, citing inflation and energy costs. Pennsylvanians need relief, but Gov. Tom Wolf’s unilateral action will drive energy bills even higher. Worse yet, a new lawsuit highlights how Wolf’s plan—while claiming… Continue Reading

You Just Paid More RGGI Tax, Virginians

“Do not for one minute allow yourself to be fooled into thinking this money is not coming out of the pockets of Virginia’s citizens or businesses. Do not fall for the ploy Dominion Energy Virginia is attempting by claiming it will charge it off to ‘base rates’. The pea is still under your walnut shell.”… Continue Reading

Pennsylvania’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Relies on Faulty Data – Why RGGI is a “solution in search of a problem”

The Governor and other officials have relied heavily on the state’s Climate Action Plans and specifically on the 2018 Pennsylvania Climate Action Plan3 in order to support their claims of current and future devastating impacts of continued CO2-driven warming. Assertions in the Climate Action Plan are refuted by the analysis of Gregory Wrightstone, Executive Director of the CO2 Coalition and an expert reviewer for the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 6th Assessment Report (IPCC – AR6).... Continue Reading

Wolf’s RGGI fixation will slow Pennsylvania’s recovery

By Gordon Tomb – February 17, 2022 Gov. Tom Wolf’s timing for imposing a new energy tax could hardly be worse. Pennsylvania’s economy is trying to recover from the pandemic’s brutal effects. Yet, Wolf’s fixation to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) ignores that the policy will raise families’ energy bills and cripple local… Continue Reading

Commentary: RGGI is climatically meaningless

By Dr. Patrick Michaels – February 8, 2022 GOV. Glenn Youngkin raised quite a kerfuffle when, even before he took office, he said he would extricate Virginia from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). It is the right thing to do. While he’s at it, he ought to propose that the Virginia legislature repeal the… Continue Reading

Devastating RGGI critique mailed to 400 PA leaders

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Board Approves RGGI Rule, Moving Pa. a Step Closer to Joining Carbon Emissions Program

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PA Dems Join GOP In Putting Up Roadblock to Wolf’s RGGI Plans

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Dr. Caleb Rossiter- PA House Environmental Resource and Energy Committee/ RGGI

  On Monday, August 24th, 2020, Dr. Caleb Rossiter, Executive Director of the CO2 Coalition, testified on the drawbacks of implementation and participation of Pennsylvania in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Continue Reading

Pennsylvania Senators Unveil RGGI, Carbon Tax Legislation

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In Pennsylvania, Will Josh Shapiro Unlock Decades of Affordable Energy?

by Gordon Tomb With Democrat Josh Shapiro as a newly inaugurated governor and a new legislative body, Pennsylvania will either shine as an energy superstar or continue down the dim path of economic decline. The commonwealth is a national leader in energy production despite being stifled by onerous regulations, market-distorting subsidies and an irrational hostility… Continue Reading

Testimony of CO2 Coalition Executive Director Gregory Wrightstone Before the Pennsylvania House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee 

Testimony of Gregory Wrightstone Executive Director, CO2 Coalition Before the Pennsylvania House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee October 24, 2022 Fossil Fuels: The Greenest Energy   Good morning. Thank you for the opportunity to speak. I am Gregory Wrightstone, executive director of the CO2 Coalition, based in Arlington, Virginia. I am also a native of Cumberland… Continue Reading

Virginia’s Youngkin Backs Out of Costly Carbon Credit Compact

Last year, the CO2 Coalition played a prominent role in providing the scientific basis for opposing the Virginia Clean Economy Act and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) in the state. In a victory of science over climate alarm, Virginia’s governor yesterday backed out of RGGI. From Just the News‘ Tyler Arnold: “Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s administration will… Continue Reading

Wind and Solar Fail to Reduce PJM’s CO2 Emissions

By Gregory Wrightstone & Gordon Tomb – July 22, 2022 As the imposition of a tax on the use of fossil fuels is debated in Pennsylvania and Virginia, along comes an analysis showing the failure of such efforts to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide in the name of saving the planet. Under a multi-state compact… Continue Reading

State judge blocks Wolf’s Administration’s signature play to continue the fight against climate change

“Commonwealth Court Judge Michael Wojcik’s ruling prevents, for now, the state from entering the multi-state Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. The policy was to take effect this month. … The [RGGI] is a confederation of 11 states that have agreed to play by the same marketplace rules to create a cap-and-trade program where energy companies essentially pay… Continue Reading

Disconnected politicians lose those who ‘vote their jobs’

Gordon Tomb – CO2 Coalition Senior Advisor After a protracted battle with lawmakers, Gov. Tom Wolf’s unilateral push to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) now moves forward. At risk are tens of thousands of jobs, including private union jobs held by people that contributed to his reelection in 2018. It’s a strange reality… Continue Reading

Pennsylvania Senate Falls Short of Two-Thirds Needed to Kill Greenhouse Gas Initiative

The CO2 Coalition led the fight to kill the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and the proposal to kill it was narrowly defeated in the PA Senate yesterday. “The CO2 Coalition, a national nonprofit chaired by Princeton physicist William Happer, has determined that RGGI’s implementation may cost the state’s economy $7.7 billion a year and more than… Continue Reading

In Their Pursuit of Climate Nirvana, Politicians Ignore the Consumer

By: Gordon Tomb – CO2 Coalition Senior Advisor Amid the clamor over saving the planet from global warming and punishing companies for the “crime” of producing fossil fuels, who is looking after the consumer? Pondering that question feels like playing “Where’s Waldo?” Take North Carolina as an example: When the administration of Gov. Roy Cooper… Continue Reading

Pennsylvania’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Relies on Faulty Data

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In Pennsylvania, Scientific and Economic Realities Unsettle Climate Change Morality Plays

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The Importance of Pennsylvania’s Natural Gas

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Wrightstone: Statement to the Pennsylvania Environmental Resources & Energy Committee, June 22, 2021

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CO2 Coalition Scientists: No scientific justification for Wolf’s carbon tax

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Lawmakers renew effort to halt carbon emissions caps in Pennsylvania

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