The case for nixing the Paris Agreement

By William Happer ANALYSIS/OPINION: The United States should withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. For too long, well-meaning policymakers have been misled by propaganda, masquerading as science, that more atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) will harm the planet. Paris represents the culmination of this campaign. The pact extends into perpetuity, its very terms dispensing with the value of the supposedly… Continue Reading

Petition to withdraw from United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Dr. Richard S. Lindzen, Professor Emeritus at MIT and a Member of National Academy of Sciences, has announced a petition to the American and to international governments to change course on an outdated international agreement that underlies a number of regulations on minor greenhouse gases: primarily Carbon Dioxide, CO2. Said Dr. Lindzen, “Since 2009, the… Continue Reading

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