Holocene CO2 Variability and Underlying Trends

Renee Hannon – October 29, 2021 ¬†Introduction This post compares CO2 data from Antarctic ice cores during the Holocene interglacial period with other publicly available CO2 datasets.¬† Antarctic CO2 is regarded as the gold standard for paleo-atmospheric global CO2 during past interglacial and glacial periods.¬† Antarctic CO2 data does capture the multi-millennial underlying trend; however,… Continue Reading

Without climate change polar bears would not exist

Patrick Moore, PhD October 28, 2021 A great deal of concern has been expressed during the past 30 years that human-caused climate change will render polar bears extinct. This is based entirely on speculation about the future climate rather than actual reductions in the present bear population. In fact, their numbers have increased during the… Continue Reading

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