A Critical Review of the Head-Spinning Energy Policy of the Biden Administration

By: Dr. Bruce Everett –  CO2 Coalition Director Even in today’s angry, partisan politics, reasonable people can agree that government policies at least should not be contradictory. For example, Social Security payments cannot be both increased and decreased simultaneously. President Biden, however, seems to have violated this principle by seeking less oil from U.S. sources… Continue Reading

ExxonMobil’s Neglected Shareholders

ExxonMobil’s Neglected Shareholders By Bruce Everett – CO2 Coalition Director On May 26, over the objection of company management, two new directors were elected to ExxonMobil’s 12-member board. The Washington Post called it a “ratification of shareholders’ unhappiness with the way the company had been addressing climate change and its lagging financial performance.” Not really.… Continue Reading

With Climate Change, Is It Garbage In, Trillions Out?

With Climate Change, Is It Garbage In, Trillions Out? By Bruce Everett One basic principle of computer modeling is “garbage in, garbage out”.  In other words, you can’t model phenomena you don’t understand. Nonetheless, politicians often use bad models to give a veneer of legitimacy to weak ideas. Climate policy is essentially a debate over… Continue Reading

The Great Energy Non-Transition

The Great Energy Non-Transition By Bruce Everett, Ph.D. One of the troubling characteristics of today’s civic discourse is the tendency to confuse predictions with reality.  Nowhere is this problem more severe than in the debate over climate and its associated issues. The last hundred years have seen increasing emissions of carbon dioxide – a benign… Continue Reading

The Social Cost of Carbon and Carbon Taxes – Pick a number, any number

The Social Cost of Carbon and Carbon Taxes – Pick a number, any number By Bruce M. Everett – CO2 Coalition Director From the Executive Summary Leaving aside its scientific and economic uncertainties, the government’s Social Cost of Carbon is so sensitive to input assumptions that small, quite reasonable variations can produce almost any price… Continue Reading

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