IPCC vs. The Facts: The Case for Climate Realism

BY KEN WILSON, P.ENG. (RET), JAN. 10, 2023

IPCC vs. The Facts: The Case for Climate Realism (pdf)

From the Executive Summary:

A key assumption driving the computer models in Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) studies is that rising CO2 levels from the burning of fossil fuels produces a strong positive feedback response from water vapor.

The IPCC’s computer-modeling results are not supported by weather-balloon data, satellite data, long-term surface weather records, or by the physics of the saturation curve for CO2. The computer models are running too hot and they therefore do not provide a reliable basis for governments to use in determining their global warming policies.

We have been living in the Modern Warm Period since the end of the Little Ice Age (1300- 1850). This is a moderate warming trend that is similar in character to that of the Medieval Warm Period about 1,000 years ago, the Roman Warm period about 2,000 years ago, and the Minoan Warm Period about 3,500 years ago.

This is all happening within the Holocene Interglacial period, which ended almost 100,000 years of glaciation about 12,000 years ago. At the Holocene maximum, about 6,000 years ago, northern summers were about 4° Celsius warmer than today, almost all the glaciers had melted, a spruce forest was growing at Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, and sea levels were about 2 metres (6 feet) higher than today.

We entered a Neoglacial cooling phase about 3,000 years ago. New glaciers began to form during temperature dips like the Little Ice Age.

This essay describes why the IPCC was created, how it operates, the issues that it has failed to address, and the misallocation of the West’s economic and intellectual resources that has resulted from the IPCC’s and environmentalist Non-Governmental Organizations’ (NGOs)
single-minded demonization of CO2.

About half of the essay is focused on technical and scientific data. Readers who are already familiar with why and how the IPCC came to be created may wish to concentrate on the technical data in their first reading of the document.

This excerpt was taken from CO2 Coalition Member Ken Wilson’s essay IPCC vs. The Facts: The Case for Climate Realism originally published January 10, 2023 at Climate Realists of Victoria, B.C..  The complete paper can be downloaded here.


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