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Ken Wilson


Born and raised on a farm in Dundee, Scotland, Ken Wilson began his career working on a dairy farm. After immigrating to Ontario, Canada, he became a registered B.C. Land Surveyor.

As all the principals of the large company where he was employed were civil engineers as well as land surveyors, Wilson entered UBC’s requisite First Year Science course followed by four years of studies in Civil Engineering. As his focus was shifting, he began a new career path in hydraulic studies, receiving a research scholarship from MIT.

In 1971, Wilson graduated with his Master of Science (SM) from MIT. Upon returning to British Columbia, he spent the next 31 years involved in a wide range of drainage, irrigation, water quality, groundwater, and hydrologic studies and projects.

In 2019 he co-founded the group Climate Realists of Victoria with Tim Ball. They are primarily a group of experienced, well-educated and well-informed professionals (now mostly retired) who are deeply dissatisfied with the current hysteria over global warming and the lack of a positive rational response from our political leaders to deal with the downside consequences of the Net Zero CO2 goal by 2050.

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