Nobel Laureate John Clauser Elected to CO2 Coalition Board of Directors

Dr. John F. Clauser, recipient of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics, has been elected to serve on the board of directors of the CO2 Coalition, Arlington, Virginia.

“Dr. Clauser will add tremendously to the intellectual depth of our organization, which already benefits from a membership of more than 120 scientists and researchers representing a broad range of disciplines. His studies of the science of climate provide strong evidence that there is no climate crisis and that increasing CO2 concentrations will benefit the world,” said Dr. William Happer, chair of the board of the CO2 Coalition.

Dr. Clauser received the Nobel Prize, along with two others, for work done in the 1970s that showed “quantum entanglement” allowed particles such as photons, effectively, to interact at great distances, seemingly to require communication exceeding the speed of light.

Speculating doubtfully on the “entanglement” phenomenon 40 years before Dr. Clauser’s seminal 1972 experiment, Albert Einstein referred to it as “spooky action at a distance.” The late distinguished physicist Dr. Edwin Jaynes said Dr. Clauser’s work “will surely go down as one of the most incredible intellectual achievements in the history of science.”

Dr. Clauser has criticized the awarding of the 2021 Nobel Prize for work in the development of computer models predicting global warming and told President Biden that he disagreed with his climate policies. Dr. Clauser has developed a climate model that adds a new significant dominant process to existing models. The process involves the visible light reflected by cumulus clouds that cover, on average, half of the Earth. Existing models greatly underestimate this cloud feedback, which provides a very powerful, dominant thermostatic control of the Earth’s temperature.

As viewed in visible light from space by the Sun, bright white clouds variably cover from one-third to two-thirds of the Earth’s surface. These clouds, in turn, reflect about 90% of the sunlight incident on them back out into space. Sunlight that reaches the Earth’s surface in the cloudless area, two-thirds of which is covered by oceans, is absorbed and evaporates seawater, in turn, producing cumulus clouds. It produces clouds at an increasingly abundant rate when the cloud-cover fraction is too small and the temperature is too high and vice versa when the fraction is too large. The resulting cloud-cover-fraction’s feedback-controlled variability then provides a very powerful input-power thermostat that stabilizes the Earth-surface’s heat input and its temperature. Changes in the radiative heat transfer rate (known as radiative forcing) associated with changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide is nearly two orders of magnitude smaller than the effective stabilization of the input-power provided by the cloud-based thermostat. The role of carbon dioxide may thus be considered negligible by comparison. It should be noted that reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and National Academy of Sciences repeatedly concede that the effects of clouds do indeed represent the greatest uncertainty in their climate predictions. But these organizations have made little progress in dealing with these deficiencies.

According to Dr. Clauser, “The popular narrative about climate change reflects a dangerous corruption of science that threatens the world’s economy and the well-being of billions of people. Misguided climate science has metastasized into massive shock-journalistic pseudoscience. In turn, the pseudoscience has become a scapegoat for a wide variety of other unrelated ills. It has been promoted and extended by similarly misguided business marketing agents, politicians, journalists, government agencies, and environmentalists. In my opinion, there is no real climate crisis. There is, however, a very real problem with providing a decent standard of living to the world’s large population and an associated energy crisis. The latter is being unnecessarily exacerbated by what, in my opinion, is incorrect climate science.”

Dr. Clauser received a Bachelor of Science in physics in 1964 from Caltech. In 1966, he earned a Master of Arts in physics as well as a Doctor of Philosophy in 1969 from Columbia University. From 1969 to 1996 he worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the University of California, Berkeley. He was awarded the Wolf Prize in Physics in 2010. Additional details can be found at https://www.johnclauser.com/.

Dr. Clauser’s interest in joining the CO2 Coalition was initiated by CO2 Coalition member Dr. James Enstrom.

You may download this Announcement here.


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