The Sun-Climate Effect: The Winter Gatekeeper Hypothesis (III)

Javier Vinós & Andy May – August 15, 2022 “The atmospheric heat transport on Earth from the Equator to the poles is largely carried out by the mid-latitude storms. However, there is no satisfactory theory to describe this fundamental feature of the Earth’s climate.” Leon Barry, George C. Craig & John Thuburn (2002) 3.1 Introduction Nearly… Continue Reading

The Great Barrier Reef Is Doing Great; People Should Know

by Dr. Peter Ridd – August 11, 2022 Australia’s Great Barrier Reef (GBR) is, well, great. But the popular media won’t report this good news, so I will. The GBR is made up of approximately 3,000 reefs covering an area nearly the size of California off Australia’s eastern coast. The condition of its coral is… Continue Reading

Last month was the third hottest July on record? The facts say otherwise

Tony Heller – August 9, 2022 [Context: The Biden Administration claims July was third hottest on record in the US. This claim has no basis in reality, and is what happens when there are no checks and balances to protect the public from intentional misinformation from government sources.] July temperatures were a little above average… Continue Reading

The Sun-Climate Effect: The Winter Gatekeeper Hypothesis (Part I)

Javier Vinós & Andy May – July 31, 2022 “Probably no subfield of meteorology has had as much effort devoted to it as the effects of solar variability on weather and climate. And none has had as little to show for the research labor.” Helmut E. Landsberg (1982) 1.1 Introduction The sun has been identified as… Continue Reading

The Sun-Climate Effect: The Winter Gatekeeper Hypothesis (Part II)

Javier Vinós & Andy May – August 7, 2022 “The complicated pattern of sun-weather relationships undoubtedly needs much further clarification, but progress in this field will be hindered if the view prevails that such relationships should not be taken seriously simply because the mechanisms involved in explaining them are not yet identified.” Joe W. King (1975)… Continue Reading

Fact checking the fact checkers

Gregory Wrightstone – May 27, 2021 What Climate Feedback gets wrong in its attempted takedown of CO2 Coalition commentary On Earth Day of 2021, the Washington Times published an op-ed that I wrote titled “There is no climate emergency – We love CO2 and so should you.” Not long after publication, the paper’s Facebook post… Continue Reading

The Alleged Colorado River Drought

By Norm Rogers – July 27, 2022 It’s hot out there; but Nevada Governor Sisolak’s prediction of doom lacks a scientific basis We are all suffering from global warming exhaustion. Google “Colorado River drought” to get more than a dozen pages screaming that because of global warming the end is near for the Colorado River.… Continue Reading

Kentucky Floods: Tragic, But Not Unprecedented Nor Climate Change

By Gregory Wrightstone – August 3, 2022 Recent flooding in Kentucky caused VP Kamala Harris to link it to climate change and one resident told Sky News that the flooding is the “worst I’ve ever seen.” That is likely true, but not very meaningful in terms of weather or climate history. His grandparents and great grandparents,… Continue Reading

More censorship by LinkedIn – now the Coalition is silenced

By Gregory Wrightstone – August 1, 2022 On Jul 30, 2022, LinkedIn blocked or took down the CO2 Coalition page with no warning. The only explanation of our silencing was the notice at the top of our page: Only Page Admins can see this Page. It’s been removed because it goes against our Professional Community… Continue Reading

Why the Sun, Not CO2, Heats the Oceans Revisiting the Debate: Does Greenhouse Back-radiation Warm the Oceans?

By Jim Steele – August 1, 2022 Because infrared heat waves penetrates less than a millimeter into the ocean’s surface, many skeptics argued it is impossible to blame rising CO2 for ocean warming. However, several prominent skeptic scientists, people who I have great respect for, also weighed in arguing it was silly and useless to… Continue Reading

Koonin-Dessler Climate Change Debate

By Andy May – July 30, 2022 Andrew Dessler and Steven Koonin will debate the resolution “Climate science compels us to make large and rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.” Dessler will take the affirmative, and Koonin will take the negative. Dessler is a Professor of Atmospheric Science at Texas A&M University and Koonin is… Continue Reading

It’s hot. It’s late July. It’s not abnormal

By Joseph D’Aleo – July 23, 2022 Nearly every area of the mid-latitudes will see summer heat during the high sun angle summer months. Some years the extremes are greater and more persistent than other years. Ocean temperature patterns, solar drivers and local factors including soil moisture, and foehn wind events play a key role in… Continue Reading

Wind and Solar Fail to Reduce PJM’s CO2 Emissions

By Gregory Wrightstone & Gordon Tomb – July 22, 2022 As the imposition of a tax on the use of fossil fuels is debated in Pennsylvania and Virginia, along comes an analysis showing the failure of such efforts to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide in the name of saving the planet. Under a multi-state compact… Continue Reading

Pat Michaels (1950 – 2022)

It is with a heavy heart that we report on the death of dear friend and colleague Pat Michaels on July 15, 2022 (born February 15, 1950). Patrick Michaels obtained a B. A. in biological science in 1971 and an M. S. in biology in 1975 from the University of Chicago, and in 1979 he… Continue Reading

LinkedIn Shuts Out Truth — Again

Author: Gregory Wrightstone | Published: RealClear Energy | Date: 13 July 2022   Censors at LinkedIn have permanently banned me from the social media site after I presented data drawn from peer-reviewed data used by the preeminent promoter of the narrative that man-made global warming threatens the planet— the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).… Continue Reading

The Global Warming Golden Goose

Author: Norman Rogers | Published: American Thinker | Date: 12 July 2022   Climate science was an obscure and unimportant corner of academia until the professors lucked out with global warming.  The global warming idea apparently struck a spark with the government and media establishments and caught fire.  Money and influence flooded from Washington to academia.… Continue Reading

Weekly Newsletter (July 8): “LinkedIn is the Real Science Denier”

LinkedIn Shuts Out Truth — Again Censors at LinkedIn have permanently banned the CO2 Coalition’s Executive Director, Gregory Wrightstone, from the social media site after he presented data drawn from peer-reviewed data used by the preeminent promoter of the narrative that man-made global warming threatens the planet— the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).… Continue Reading

Green Energy Goals Shortsighted, Expert Says

Author: Michael Dorstewitz | Published: Newsmax | Date: 6 July 2022   The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a blow to the Biden administration Thursday in a ruling that stated the Environmental Protection Agency had exceeded its authority under the Clean Air Act by trying to regulate greenhouse gases. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion… Continue Reading

EPA loses – America Wins

Victory for citizens and businesses alike In what is likely the most damaging setback ever dealt to those advocating for overzealous enforcement actions against greenhouse gas emissions, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of constitutional limitations on unelected regulators. This morning SCOTUS ruled in favor of the plaintiff states in WV… Continue Reading

The SEC and Climate Change

Andy May – 28 June 2022 The U.S. Constitution was finally approved in 1787, after much debate. It reserved a specific list of powers for the federal government and the first ten amendments, or the “Bill of Rights,” reserved many powers for the citizens and states. The Bill of Rights imposed clear limitations on the… Continue Reading

CO2 Sample Spacing in Ice Cores

Renee Hannon – 24 June 2022 Introduction This post examines sample spacing for CO2 measurements in Antarctic ice cores during the past 800,000 years to better understand if gaps in sampling are too large to capture centennial fluctuations. The IPCC states: “Although ice core records present low-pass filtered time series due to gas diffusion and gradual… Continue Reading

SEC’s Climate Falsehood Threatens American Economy

Gregory Wrightstone – 24 June 2022 The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) risks destroying the economy by installing a falsehood as a principle driver of governance for American business. By proposing that companies to take extraordinary measures to account for climate risks, the SEC embraces a false climate emergency based on a premise that… Continue Reading

CO2 Coalition files amicus brief in 5th Circuit Court

CO2 Coalition Tells Court Carbon Regulation “Scientifically Invalid” Gregory Wrightstone – 22 June 2022 President Biden’s Social Cost of Carbon rule is “scientifically invalid and will be disastrous for the poor people worldwide, future generations and the United States,” according to a court brief by two physics professors at Princeton and the Massachusetts Institute of… Continue Reading

Net-zero, Reality Check #4

Donn Dears – 14 June 2022 Neither wind, nuclear or PV solar, can achieve net-zero carbon, but could a combination of the three achieve net-zero carbon by 2050? Nuclear Status Unfortunately, nuclear will probably not be able to add additional new generating capacity before 2050. Two new units in Georgia will likely come on line… Continue Reading

Why Does Boston Buy Natural Gas from Russia?

Andy May – 20 June 2022 Europe is vulnerable and needs our natural gas; prices are absurd and going higher. Yet, everyone in the oil and gas industry is afraid to invest any money, even if they have financing available. Who wants to start a 10- to 20-year natural gas project, whether it’s a gas… Continue Reading

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