No Reason ‘Green Energy,’ EV Batteries Should Escape Carbon Tax

By Larry Bell Those eager to tax U.S. and imported hydrocarbon energy products that emit CO2 in order to end many millions of years of climate change should be cautious regarding those “green alternatives” they wish for. Look no farther than “Foreign Pollution Fee Act” (FPFA) legislation proposed by Sens. Bill Cassidy, R-La., and Lindsey… Continue Reading

The Role of Nuclear in the Global World of Energy

By Dr. Lars Schernikau The world’s first nuclear power plant started operation near Moscow in 1954. The following decades saw hundreds of nuclear reactors being built around the world, with the United States, France, and China leading the build-out, making up about half of today’s global installations. About 90 per cent of today’s operating nuclear reactors were… Continue Reading

The Hockey Stick Trial: Science Dies in a DC Courtroom

By Rupert Darwall “Science,” wrote the philosopher Karl Popper, “is one of the very few human activities – perhaps the only one – in which errors are systematically criticised and fairly often, in time, corrected.” The sub-title of Popper’s 1963 book Conjectures and Refutations, in which he argued that science progresses through inspired conjectures checked by… Continue Reading

When (And Why) Heat Pumps Suck

By Ron Barmby When you need heat pumps the most, they pump heat the least. This is according to an unbreakable law of physics that applies to the entire universe without exception, even black holes, and especially to heat pumps. Heat pump promoters who claim otherwise must have defeated the second law of thermodynamics, which would… Continue Reading

Climate Agenda Makes Vital CO2 a Dangerous Pollutant

By Larry Bell To get some sense of powerful political agenda influences on global climate and environmental policies, it’s instructive to revisit the acid rain hysteria of the late 1960s which led quite directly to demonization of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a “climate pollutant.” This second manufactured scare continues today, thanks to active assistance from… Continue Reading

An Environmentalist Drifts Right

by Norman Rogers Michael Shellenberger is a very talented environmentalist/journalist. For years his ideological outlook has been drifting right. The bedrock of current day environmentalism is climate change — the belief that increasing the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere due to burning fossil fuels will lead to an environmental and economic collapse. Climate change… Continue Reading

Today’s ‘Climate Crisis’ Is a Fairy Tale

By Daniel W. Nebert For the past 35 years, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has warned us that emissions from the burning of fossil fuels, predominantly carbon dioxide (CO2), are causing dangerous global warming. This myth is blindly accepted — even by many of my science colleagues who know virtually nothing about… Continue Reading

COP28: One More That Will Increase CO₂ Emissions?

By Samuel Furfari COP28 was seen by many as groundbreaking, with the first appearance of the term ‘energy’ in the conclusions. The mention of a ‘transitioning away’ from fossil fuels’ caused a stir. However, an analysis of the text shows that there are so many loopholes that they have allowed developing countries to sign up because – as… Continue Reading

The ‘Energy Trilemma’ And The Cost Of Electricity

by Dr. Lars Schernikau Why “Renewables” Cannot Save But Cost Billions Over the last 150 years, abundant electricity from coal and gas led to an unprecedented reduction in poverty, as well as an increase in longevity and health. Currently, these low cost, reliable power sources generate approximately 60% of electricity and 50% of primary energy… Continue Reading

Sorry Biden, CO2 Is Not Pollution. It’s The Currency Of Life

by Joseph Fournier I don’t know about you, but I am tired of being bombarded everyday by the claim that CO2 is a pollutant and that as a polluter I must pay. I seriously doubt the average person would accept this perspective, if they understood that CO2 is in fact a prerequisite of Life, and that… Continue Reading

Misrepresentation and Scaremongering is Not the Way to Challenge Facts.

This Letter to the Editor, written by CO2 Coalition Member Euan Mearns, was published in The Press and Journal, January 10, 2024: Sir, Regarding the four P&J letters of Jan 3, three mention me by name. I fully respect the right of the public to challenge what I say. I will try to keep my… Continue Reading

A Federal Power Grid Would be Everyone’s Worst Nightmare

by Gordon Tomb When a cold snap in December 2022 caused widespread power outages, central planners eagerly called upon the federal government to play a larger role in our power grids to minimize deadly blackouts. The left-wing Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) dubbed the United States the only country “without a plan.” The electric system’s “fragmented planning framework… Continue Reading

Net Zero: Three Graphs That Might Make You Skeptical

by John Staddon Despite North Carolina slowly injuring itself by trying to eliminate oil, coal, and natural gas as energy sources, the scientific basis for “net zero” (the complete elimination of fossil-fuel usage) is based more on “general agreement” than hard data. Climate scientists nevertheless sound optimistic about the progress that is being made in destroying… Continue Reading

Where Do the Climate Scaremongers Get Their Figures? We Need Clarity

This Letter to the Editor, written by CO2 Coalition Member Euan Mearns, was published in The Press and Journal, December 28, 2023: Sir, The James Hutton Institute (JHI) published an editorial in the P&J on December 19th that made many extraordinary claims about Scotland’s climate changing faster than expected. “We are now in the midst… Continue Reading

Are ‘Green’ Agendas Carrying Governors to Political Cliffs?

By Gordon Tomb Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro and Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon are riding the same “green energy” horse, trotting into the sunset — or toward a political cliff. After voicing concerns, Shapiro is pressing ahead with Pennsylvania’s proposed participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, appealing a Commonwealth Court ruling barring the governor from… Continue Reading

Junk Climate Science

by Norman Rogers A popular saying is that those who don’t believe in God will believe in anything. Global warming provides an excellent reason for making an effort to believe in God, or at least in Judeo-Christian ideology that is the basis of our civilization. Global warming religion originates in well-financed scientific organizations such as… Continue Reading

Are Electric Vehicles the Wave of the Future?

by Jim Hollingsworth In recent months it has become abundantly clear that electric vehicles are no more than rich men’s toys. Sometimes I think I must be having a dream, but I do not seem to be able to awaken from this nightmare. These vehicles are so expensive that only the very rich can afford them.  In… Continue Reading

How PA Can Prevent Deadly Blackouts

Image:  Snow-Covered Solar Park by Gordon Tomb and David Wojick Having heard witnesses say America’s largest power grid remains unreliable nearly a year after a close call with blackouts last Christmas, Pennsylvania State Sen. Gene Yaw called the testimony “a little scary.” Glen Thomas, a former Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission chairman who consults on grid… Continue Reading

Focus on Scientifically and Economically Illiterate Green Hymn Book is Wrong

This Letter to the Editor, written by CO2 Coalition Member Euan Mearns, was published in The Press and Journal, December 15, 2023: Sir, I have been asked by those living under the dark shadow of giant wind turbines and pylons to respond to Tor Justad (letters 8 December). I was going to respond in any… Continue Reading

My Oppenheimer Reminiscences – William Happer

Julius Robert Oppenheimer is once more in the news, thanks to the highly publicized film “Oppenheimer.” As a physics graduate student at Princeton University in the early 1960s, I had occasional interactions with Oppenheimer, who was then the director of the Institute for Advanced Study. He was not very friendly to students at this stage… Continue Reading

Try Using Wind to Make Turbines

This Letter to the Editor, written by CO2 Coalition Member Euan Mearns, was published in The Press and Journal, December 11, 2023: Sir, John Kirk (letters 5 Dec) and Alistair Ballantyne (letters 6 Dec) muse about future use of lubricating oil in wind turbines. This rather misses the elephant in the room. A 1.8megawatt onshore… Continue Reading

Deluded Over Wind and Solar Security

This Letter to the Editor, written by CO2 Coalition Member Euan Mearns, was published in The Press and Journal, December 8, 2023: Sir, I imagine many P&J readers will be wearing woolly hats and jumpers, huddled around a candle trying to keep warm. It is very cold, calm and dark outside. Ideal conditions for excess… Continue Reading

Natural Disasters Are Not Increasing — Really

By Kip Hansen The fact that natural disasters are not increasing and not killing more people – due to climate change or any other fanciful cause — has once more been firmly entered into the peer-reviewed literature in a new paper appearing in the journal Environmental Hazards.   The paper is Alimonti and  Mariani (2023) titled:  Is the… Continue Reading

Al Jaber Is Right: There Is No Science Showing a Fossil Fuel Phase-Out Will Achieve 1.5C

By Ron Barmby Sultan Al Jaber, president of the Conference of the Parties 28 (COP28), has injected some pragmatism into the meeting in Dubai this week with his statement “there is no science out there, or no scenario out there, that says the phase-out of fossil fuel is what’s going to achieve 1.5.” Science can… Continue Reading

No Amount of Subsidies Will Ever Make a Wind/Solar Electricity System Economically Feasible

by Francis Menton The COP 28 climate confab opened today in Dubai. Some 70,000 true believers in the energy transition are said to be gathering. And not one of them appears to be either willing or able to do the simple arithmetic that shows that this can’t possibly work. So far, no country that has… Continue Reading

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