The Energy Transition is Social Vandalism

By Dr. Euan Mearns What is reported daily as an energy transition bears none of the hallmarks of previous shifts in the energy system that is a fundamental driver of global economies. In the early 19th century, many homes were heated with wood, and transport was by horse, sailing ship or shank’s pony. Industry was… Continue Reading

Truth and Science: A Nobel Laureate’s Advice to Students

By Ron Barmby Dr. John Clauser is an experimental physicist of the highest order. His 2022 Nobel Prize in physics is enough to make him one of the preeminent scientists of our times. His work confirmed the existence of quantum entanglement—that two particles once linked remain linked no matter how far apart they are pulled.… Continue Reading

Father of India’s Green Revolution, MS Swaminathan, Dies at 98

In Memoriam: Dr. M.S. Swaminathan – The Visionary of India’s Green Revolution By Vijay Jayaraj There are some people who leave a lasting impression on this world. One of them is Dr. M.S. Swaminathan, who worked alongside Norman Borlaug to turn India into an agricultural haven. The legend who was instrumental in making India become… Continue Reading

The AI Revolution Is Bad News for Net Zero

By Steve Goreham Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the world by storm. New AI applications are announced daily. Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta, Microsoft, and many companies tout plans for artificial intelligence capabilities. But the AI revolution is bad news for global efforts to achieve net-zero emissions. The AI revolution is based on high-performance AI chips,… Continue Reading

Public Need to be Able to Scrutinise the True Costs on Net-Zero Energy Policy

By CO2 Coalition Member Dr. Euan Mearns Sir, – Reading your letters pages in recent months, there seems to be significant anger within local populations at the implementation of Scottish and UK energy policies, and justifiably so. Here, I try to cast some light on the origins of that anger. In the recent past, sound… Continue Reading

Jayaraj: EVs Won’t Deliver West Freedom of Movement It’s Used To

By Vijay Jayaraj Various cities in the West have adopted “green” initiatives that might go unnoticed for the time being. One among them is carbon-free transportation through the transition from gasoline-and diesel-powered vehicles to ones propelled by electric motors. Electric vehicles (EVs) have been in the news lately for their disastrous sales numbers despite being… Continue Reading

Why the IPCC is Wrong to Blame CO2 for Global-Warming Issues

The evidence is clear that natural forces and their feedbacks, not human-caused carbon dioxide, are the primary cause of today’s ‘climate change’ BY KEN WILSON, P.ENG. (RET.), SEPT. 14, 2023 INTRODUCTION The IPCC has dominated the funding and development of the anthropogenic global warming narrative since its inception in 1988.  The IPCC’s work has been… Continue Reading

Inundated Islands? The Science Says “No”

By Gregory Wrightstone On September 11, in a hearing before the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, a group of island nations argued that greenhouse gas emissions emitted by developing nations should be considered pollution. According to Kausea Natano, the prime minister of Tuvalu, “Sea levels are rising rapidly, threatening to sink our lands below the… Continue Reading

This World Leader Is Calling Out the Western Climate Hypocrites

By Vijay Jayaraj As host of the Sept. 9 G20 summit, India is ready to defend its use of fossil fuels despite the hostility of some of its guests toward the energy source. Speaking at a pre-summit conclave organized by local media, Union Power Minister R.K. Singh answered criticism that his country is a large emitter of… Continue Reading

Oregon and Climate

By Gregory Wrightstone I traveled to Oregon last week at the invitation of a CO2 Coalition supporter. Besides being completely off the grid at a lodge on the scenic Rogue River, I gave a presentation to about 50 people from southern Oregon after returning from the wilderness. As you can imagine, the climate zealots are in… Continue Reading

Restoring The Scientific Method, Saving Civilization

by Gordon J. Fulks, Ph.D. Scientists are worried, as well they should be. The latest recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics, John Clauser warns that climate science has become pseudoscience. Meanwhile, Jim Skea, the new Chairman of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change criticizes climate hyperbole as his boss UN Secretary-General Antonio… Continue Reading

Summer: The Best of Times for Climate Alarmists

By Gregory Wrightstone August and September are great months to be a professional climate alarmist like Dr. Michael Mann of the University of Pennsylvania. You have hurricanes making landfall, wildfires seemingly everywhere, the odd F-4 tornado wreaking devastation, and you can pretend that these never happened before we started adding CO2 to the atmosphere. Plus, you have virtually… Continue Reading

From Poverty to Moon Landing: How Coal Propelled Indian Economy

By Vijay Jayaraj On August 23, India landed a craft near the Moon’s South Pole – an historic feat matched only by three other countries and made possible by the subcontinent’s largely uninhibited use of fossil fuels. The acceleration of coal usage between 2000 and 2020 played a pivotal role in bringing electricity to billions… Continue Reading

Governor Josh Shapiro’s Wrong Approach to Grid Reliability

By Gordon Tomb Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro has asked regional power grid operators to enhance the electricity system’s dependability—and he’s got ideas about how to do it. But his premises are flawed, and his suggestions misguided. Shapiro wants reliable power, yet he’s banking on unreliable sources to provide it. That approach isn’t just wrongheaded; it’s a… Continue Reading

Climate Change Misinformation Wins in Montana

In Montana “Climate Kids” Lawsuit, Climate Change Misinformation Wins  By Gregory Wrightstone A group of young people in Montana won a landmark lawsuit on August 14, when a judge ruled as unconstitutional the state’s failure to consider climate change when approving fossil fuel projects. The judge accepted as fact allegations made by plaintiffs in the suit, which we will systematically… Continue Reading

Reef ‘doomsayers’ show breakdown in our science institutions

by Peter Ridd The latest statistics on the amount of coral on the Great Barrier Reef, just released by the Australian Institute of Marine Science, should end 60 years of flawed predictions of its imminent demise. The coral cover for 2023, averaged over the entire reef, was not statistically different from last year’s record-breaking high… Continue Reading

Hawaiian Fires: Fueled by Invasive Grasses, a Wet Spring and Human Ignition Sources

By James Steele The Maui fire would have devastated Lahaina in a colder or warmer climate. It would have devastated Lahaina in high or low CO2 concentrations. The key is managing the dead grasses that become flammable in just hours. Climate change was irrelevant. Declaring a climate emergency to reduce fossil fuels is a useless… Continue Reading

The Media’s Climate Fearmongering Doesn’t Help Anyone

by Vijay Jayaraj In an era of sensationalism and clickbait headlines, the media’s portrayal of hot weather adopts an apocalyptic tone. Each scorching summer is touted as further evidence of an impending climate catastrophe with little room for nuance or objective analysis. However, lost in the hyperbole is the inconvenient truth that cold weather poses… Continue Reading

Education Game-Changer: How You Can Do the Same Thing in Your State

By John Droz I received a LOT of positive feedback (and essentially nothing negative) from my recent post: Education Game-Changer. Thank you for your support! It was also gratifying that several people asked me to outline how this came about so they could do something similar in their state. In response, I put together the… Continue Reading

Dr. John Clauser | Quantum Korea 2023 | The Crisis of Pseudoscience

Nobel laureate Dr. John Clauser, a CO2 Coalition Board of Directors member, delivered a lecture at Quantum Korea 2023 Seoul on June 26, 2023. Regarding climate, Dr. Clauser stated “I can confidently say there is no real climate crisis” in his address.   Please find the transcript of Dr. Clauser’s speech below: Oh, I hope there wasn’t… Continue Reading

The Lancet’s Scientific Chicanery on Mortality Exposed by CO2 Coalition

By Gregory Wrightstone A deception perpetrated by The Lancet is another example of how once respected institutions of the scientific community are not above abandoning principle to advance the fearmongering of a planet warming to purportedly dangerous levels. As reported in the CO2 Coalition’s online newsletter, The Lancet published a study showing that cold-related deaths… Continue Reading

Warming-Obsessed Media Wrong Again

By Vijay Jayaraj There is not much new about media hyperbole in weather reporting, but July’s climate alarmism may be more breathless than usual. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media were inundated with posts containing flaming red maps of Southern Europe and Northern Africa. “July 2023 will probably be the world’s hottest month in… Continue Reading

Perspective: The troubling health costs of the ‘energy transition’

Photo: Dust storm over Salt Lake City in 2012 A dramatic increase in lithium mining will have serious consequences for Utah Toxic air pollution already blows around Utah. It is about to get a lot worse.  Dust storms, as seen above, will grow more frequent as plans for lithium mining mature. Toxic air pollution will increase… Continue Reading

EPA Uses Misinformation to Promote Climate Fear

By Gregory Wrightstone One year ago, if you had visited the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) page on heat waves (Climate Change Indicators: Heat Waves) you would have found the lead chart to be the one below (Figure 1). It shows that heat waves peaked 90 years ago and have been at a relatively low level… Continue Reading

Major Victory as Scientific Method Returns to NC K-12 Standards

By John Droz This was the first year that N.C. K-12 Science Standards were formally reviewed since 2009 — way too long. I first became aware of what was being proposed when the 2nd Draft was published on the N.C. Department of Public Instruction (DPI) website. As a professional scientist, I read these carefully and had two major concerns. The first was… Continue Reading

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