Thanksgiving Bugs? No Thanks!

By Vijay Jayaraj Fox News host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery once made a special video segment on bug cuisine. The idea was to understand how bugs tasted. Why? Because the cuisine is increasingly termed environmentally friendly. The United Nations (UN) claims that a bug-based diet could help tackle climate change. But will giving up your Thanksgiving turkey… Continue Reading

Africa Doesn’t Need Western Elites’ Meaningless Climate Policies

By Vijay Jayaraj African priorities differ from those of Europe and North America. Among the Dark Continent’s most daunting challenges are poverty, malnutrition, lack of healthcare and proper education, unemployment, inferior transportation infrastructure and underdeveloped technologies for energy, information and communications. Therefore, Africans do not have the option to adopt unscientific and unachievable climate policies… Continue Reading

Untold Story of Climate’s Holocene Gift to Humanity

By Vijay Jayaraj News reports of summer heatwaves often perversely misrepresent a modern climate favorable to human flourishing in order to fearmonger the false narrative of catastrophic global warming. The geological epoch of the Holocene, which roughly corresponds to the last 11,700 years, is a time of warmth that has been vital in fostering the… Continue Reading

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