Behind a $500 Million Donation to ‘Finish the Job on Coal’

Three CO2 Coalition members were quoted extensively in this Epoch Times article. John Droz, Lars Schernikau and Mark Mills provided critically needed information on the dangers of increased reliance on renewable energy. Gregg Goodnight also provided information on background to the author.

“We’re following people here that are pied pipers,” physicist and energy analyst John Droz told The Epoch Times, referring to the literary character who led children to their doom through delusive enticement.  “This whole business of promoting renewables as a solution is completely unproven, scientifically.”

From Epoch Times’ Kevin Stocklin:

Billionaire philanthropist and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg pledged $500 million in September toward shifting electricity production in the United States to wind and solar energy and shutting down its coal- and gas-fired plants.

However, some experts say that Bloomberg’s millions, together with the billions being spent by the Biden administration, are paving a road to ruin.

The complete Epoch Times article can be viewed here.  Note:  This is an Epoch Times’ premium report and a subscription is required.

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