Trent on the Loos Discusses CO2 with Gregory Wrightstone

Trent on the Loose interviewed Executive Director Gregory Wrightstone, author of the best-selling book “Inconvenient Facts.” The conversation focused on the oftentimes controversial topic of carbon dioxide (CO2).

About Trent on the Loos:

Trent Loos is a sixth-generation cattle rancher who travels the country on horseback looking for the people and places that make this country great! Loos is passionate about the agriculture industry and talks to business owners and producers who want to educate Americans about modern farming and ranching and return our country to its founding principles.  Trent on the Loos airs weekdays at 4:00 PM CT on BEK News.


From Trent on the Loos:

Mr. Wrightstone brought forward the perspective that many claims labeling CO2 as a pollutant are not substantiated by concrete evidence but rather rooted in what he referred to as “pseudo-science.” He argued that there exists a lack of credible data supporting the notion that CO2 is inherently harmful to the environment.

Throughout the discussion, both Trent and Mr. Wrightstone explored the importance of relying on factual, scientifically-backed information when addressing environmental concerns. They emphasized the significance of open dialogue and critical thinking in evaluating the true impact of CO2 emissions on our planet.

In summary, today’s episode of Trent on the Loose featured an enlightening conversation between Trent and Gregory Wrightstone, shedding light on their shared skepticism towards the portrayal of CO2 as a pollutant, urging viewers to seek well-founded evidence and engage in informed discussions on environmental matters.

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