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William Hayden Smith

P.h.D Princeton

About The Corresponding Member

(Corresponding Members provide scientific and technical commentary on CO2 Coalition publications. They do not take part in advocacy activities or Coalition decisions and are not eligible for reimbursement or compensation of any kind.)

William Hayden Smith, Ph.D. received his doctorate at Princeton University.  He is Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, His research interests include

  • Terrestrial remote sensing using Imaging interferometry and other hyperspectral imaging methods
  • Application of radiative transfer theory and modern analysis techniques to the interpretation of data from remote sensing instruments.
  • Experimental studies of clouds and aerosols and their roles in the earth's atmosphere and climate: radiative processes in atmosphere and on surface.
  • Radiative interaction within leaves.
  • Development of radiation remote sensing instruments.
  • Optical spectroscopy: methods and instrumentation.
  • Chemical kinetics and spectroscopy of gas phase molecular free radicals of atmospheric interest.
  • Spectroscopy of molecules of astrophysical interest

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