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Wallace Manheimer  is a life fellow of both American Physical Society (APS) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).  His career has been at the US Naval Research Laboratory since 1970, and he served in the small group of ST-16 senior scientists for his last 14 years there.   Since retiring in 2004, he has served as a consultant at the lab.  At NRL he has worked on inertial fusion, magnetic fusion, a nuclear disturbed upper atmosphere, electron and ion beams, high power microwave and millimeter wave systems, advanced radar systems, and plasma processing.  He is the author of over 150 refereed scientific papers.

Since leaving the lab as a full time employee in 2004, he has worked on his own on two other scientific projects.  The first is fusion breeding; that is the use of fusion neutrons to breed fuel for thermal nuclear reactors.   He has authored an open access review paper in the fusion literature, which has been downloaded and cited many times:

Fusion Breeding for Midcentury Sustainable Power
Wallace Manheimer

Journal of Fusion Energy June 2014 (open access) vol 33, p 199

The second project involved examining the data on climate change, in a way that anyone can do, anywhere, any time; and comparing it to the warnings of climate alarmists.  The conclusion, from easily available data, simply does not support the claims of imminent gloom and doom.  He compared the climate dilemma to various other panics in American history.

Wallace Manheimer

International Journal of Engineering and Applied Science
July 2017 (open access), vol 4, p 66

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