CO2 Coalition Members

Terry Gannon

PhD in Device Physics

Terry Gannon earned a PhD in Device Physics and went on to have a good career in technology development and management in the Integrated circuit and systems’ industry. Since retiring he came to realize how the mix of science and management could bridge gaps in the effort to seek good science and reasoning in a number of areas, in order to leave a more free and intelligent society for the children of today.

Climate science is an area which mapped well to how he was trained academically. His studies in Device physics combined optical phenomena, quantum mechanics, computer modelling, multi-variable analysis, and how they integrate into a physical result. His near 30 year career in management gave him skills to build high performance teams, strategies and companies. His entrepreneurial efforts left him with a sense of how to build efforts that are objective driven and yet intensely focused on how to achieve these outcomes.

Since retiring, Dr. Gannon has studied climate science extensively for about the past 10 years, as well as current events in other areas such as current political and healthcare events. He also gained skills in website design and coding while also achieving video creation from scripting, editing and publication in order to understand how these media work well. All of this effort and skill acquisition is intended to provide the ability to see the broader picture while becoming skilled at the details especially of the climate arena. Combined this allows for fast avenues of offense in the current areas of interest. First he has a focus on the closing the gap in improving the understanding between climate science and the various segments including the general public. Secondly the focus on reform of academic freedom in higher education has meaning.

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