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Simon Richards

Simon is a professional engineer in the upstream oil and gas industry. He graduated in 1985 in chemical engineering and has been in the upstream industry for 33 years. He is a Chartered Engineer in the UK.

He spent much of his early career working in the North Sea region for several oil and gas companies, contractors, and consultants. Consequently, he has very broad experience in the oil and gas industry and in-depth knowledge of oil and gas chemical process engineering. He later moved away from the North Sea region and has worked on projects around the world.

He currently works as a consultant in the industry specializing in field development studies in the project feasibility and concept selection stages where he can apply his skills to assist in selecting the most appropriate project for an oil and gas field development. He has excellent analytical skills and can observe the big picture and zoom into the detail at any moment.

He is married with four children and lives with his wife in England.

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