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Robert Bauman

Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Bauman earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Wisconsin in 1969 and started with GE as programmer and sales engineer in process computers, eventually specializing in telecommunications and teleprinters. In 1973 he joined Hazeltine, a pioneer in video display terminals. After 8 years in Silicon Valley as their top salesman and regional manager, he left to start a rep and systems integration firm in Phoenix. His business expanded into distributed networks becoming a VAR for Sun Microsystems. In 1986, Mr. Bauman invented the “computer safe” for closed-door operation of online electronic devices. To promote the concept, he founded Trusted Systems, Inc., and in 1992 received the first Government approval for protecting classified networks.

Since then, Mr. Bauman secured several patents while expanding Trusted Systems’ product line to incorporate a defense in-depth strategy to protect against kinetic attack, insider threat, and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) intrusion for Military, Intelligence, and Executive branch agencies, especially the Department of Energy. His focus on threats from an EMP attack drew his attention to the vulnerability of the power grid that could damage or destroy all electronics, such as HV transformers and SCADA systems in its path. Mr. Bauman’s response was to expand his company’s product line to include EMP-hardened shelters to shield critical electronics for classified networks or critical infrastructures like the power grid. His collaboration in the industry includes membership in the FBI-sponsored INFRAGARD and its EMP Special Interest Group and the Save-the-Grid Coalition. In addition, he was appointed as a technical advisor to the Congressional EMP Caucus Task Force on National and Homeland Security.

Concurrent with his sense of urgency for protecting the grid from an EMP attack, Mr. Bauman turned his attention to grid resiliency as he recognized an EMP event is not the only threat. A self-inflicted threat exists from the demonization of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions, a naïve overindulgence in wind and solar, and the dismissal of the optimal long-term, base load power alternative, nuclear power. Mr. Bauman entered the arena of the climate debate by participating in the Heartland Institute’s 2011 ICCC-6 Conference, and subsequently, each conference since. In 2012, Mr. Bauman was invited to join The Right Climate Stuff (TRCS), an independent climate research group made up of retired NASA Apollo engineers. He is a strong supporter of the CO2 Coalition, CFACT, and other like organizations, to promote climate realism to counteract the religious fervor and misrepresentation of climate alarmists.

From his early days as a programmer at GE working on process control systems for their Mark 40 nuclear reactor, Mr. Bauman applied his engineering skills and growing knowledge to advocate for advancing the next generation small modular reactors (SMRs) on Capitol Hill. His expertise and solutions-based approach was recognized in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster, where he was called on as a Congressional technical advisor to senior leaders from Japan to explore explosion-proof alternatives. Mr. Bauman is a passionate proponent for educating Congress and the public on nuclear power, the fallacies of the climate change agenda, and the threats posed by an EMP attack that warrant a priority focus on grid resiliency.

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