CO2 Coalition Members

Richard Mann

PhD Physical Chemistry

Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, Princeton; Research in Solvent Effects on Molecular Vibrations

Post-Doc with Ellis Lippincott at University of Maryland; Normal Coordinate Analysis of Molecular Vibrations.  Also taught Quantitative Analysis course, and a section of General Chemistry.

Professor of Chemistry at Boston University, teaching Physical Chemistry, and pioneering courses in Molecular Spectroscopy and Quantum Chemistry.  Very high ratings from students. Research in Molecular Vibrations, including the defining of a Urey-Bradley force field model for mixed halomethanes, still being cited 20+ years later.

Left academia to join a start-up consulting firm, supporting the creation of a management information system for Defense Intelligence Agency, Directorate for Collection.  Collaboration with Harvard Lab for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis to provide needed computer-based mapping.

Pioneered software for school bus routing and scheduling, and redistricting for racial balance.  Oversaw successful projects around the US, supporting some of the largest school districts (Long Beach, CA, Portland, OR, Howard County Maryland, Greensboro NC, Greenville County, SC, Boston, MA, Worcester, MA and Cambridge MA.)

Transferred to a large software firm, became a Developer for the Telon code-generator for mainframe and smaller computers, with largest corporations and governments in the world as customers.  At the same time, also co-founded a ministry to families of incarcerated youth, providing free transportation for visitation.

Upon retirement, collaborated with Wind Wise Massachusetts in support of families devastated by near-sited Industrial Wind Turbines. Lobbying legislators, providing support at BOH and BOS meetings, testifying at legislative hearings.

In all of the above, creating educational/training materials, and delivering presentations (e.g. lectures and workshops) as an important aspect of work.

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