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Leslie P. Eastman

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Leslie P. Eastman is a senior consultant for Zoubek Consulting, LLC, a workplace safety solution consulting firm based in San Diego, CA.  Leslie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology and another in Chemistry from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.  Additionally, she has a Master of Science Degree in Chemistry (with a biochemistry/physical organic chemistry specialization) from the University of California, San Diego.

She specializes in hazardous materials safety, chemical hazard communication, and laboratory-related environmental health and safety issues.  Leslie, who is also a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, has over twenty years of experience in the preparation of safety data sheets, labels, chemical hygiene plans, and other, detailed compliance documentation and permit applications required under safety and environmental health regulations.

She has supported clients as they have conducted remediation projects that had specific Environmental Protection Agency requirements.  Leslie overseen the removal of toxic waste materials from research laboratories, monitored employees for potential airborne exposures, and has responded to hazardous materials releases/biohazardous spills.

Additionally, Leslie has given numerous training presentations on a wide array of hazardous materials and environmental compliance topics, including DOT Hazardous Materials Safety, IATA Dangerous Goods Code, Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response, ISO 14001, and Exposure Control to Bloodborne Pathogens.  Her most recent, formal presentation was given at the American Society of Safety Engineers in Atlanta (2016), which dealt with the practical application of the Globally Harmonized System of Chemical Classification rules now being implemented by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Leslie has extensive experience as a journalist, including work as a Science Writer for The South Endwhile she was a student at Wayne State University, and is currently a science and technical writer/contributor for a variety of media outlets.  She is an author for Legal Insurrection, a nationally known news analysis site, and reviews climate change coverage as it impacts government policy. She has also provided a platform for whistleblowers, when they reveal data manipulation by bureaucrats and politicians (e.g., Dr. James Enstrom’s case against University of California, Los Angeles).  She has been interview on the Fox News Channel, Fox Business Channel, KOGO AM 640, and other news and news analysis programs based on the articles she has written.

Leslie is married to Benjamin G. Eastman, Assessment and Remediation Group Leader at AECOM’s San Diego offices.  Benjamin has a Master of Science Degree in Geology from San Diego State University.  Leslie is the mother of Blake C. Eastman, who is attending Serra High School and has an interest in physics and rocket science, and the step-mother of Michelle Eastman, who is working toward a Master’s Degree in Oriental Studies from University of Cambridge in Great Britain.  Leslie, Ben, and Blake live in the small San Diego community of Tierrasanta with two cats, Venus and Jupiter.

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