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Lee Gerhard

PhD Geology

PhD Geology - Lee Gerhard is senior scientist emeritus, University of Kansas, and past director and state geologist of the Kansas Geological Survey. His research interests are in carbonate sedimentology, petroleum geology, and environmental public policy; Founder and Co-Director, Energy Research Center: Univ.


Scenic and technical photography, fishing, hunting, golf, water color painting

Honors and Awards

Public Outreach Award, Amer. Assoc. Petroleum Geol. 2007

Member, Russian Academy of Natural Science-US Branch 2005

(Kapitsa Medal, 2005, Einstein Medal, 2006, Chilingar-Golomb Giants of Science and Engineering Medal, 2006)

Public Outreach Award, DEG/AAPG, 2003

Kansas Oil and Gas Hall of Fame, 2002

Honorary Membership, Amer. Assoc. Petroleum Geol., 1997

Honorary Membership, Div. Env. Geosciences, AAPG, 1998

Honorary Membership, Assoc. of American State Geologists. 1999

Honorary Membership, Kansas Geological Society, 1999

Public Outreach Award, DEG/AAPG, 1999

Journalism Award, Amer. Assoc. Petroleum Geol., 1996

Who's Who in America, 1980-pres.

American Men and Women of Science

Past President' s Award, Rocky Mtn. Sect., A.A.P.G.

Nomination for National Treasurer, A.A.P.G., 1986

Distinguished Service Award, A.A.P.G., 1989

Nomination for National President, AAPG, 1999

Nomination for National Vice President, A.A.P.G., 1989

Technical Advisor, Potential Gas Committee (Honorary)

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