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Lars Schernikau


About The Member

Lars is an Energy economist, Entrepreneur, commodity trader, and book author on energy commodities. He currently lives in Europe and Asia. Previously, Lars worked at the Boston Consulting Group in the US and Germany. He is co-founder, shareholder, and former supervisory board member of two Germany listed commodity companies and founded, worked for, and advised number of other companies in the commodity & energy sector worldwide. Educated at New York University and INSEAD in France,  he holds a doctoral degree in economics from Technische Universität Berlin. Today, next to his operational work in the commodity industry, he regularly speaks at major energy & commodity conferences and workshops around the world. Lars advises selected governments, banks, and conglomerates on energy policy.

As a forward looking and positive thinking macroeconomist with challenging views backed up by science, Lars has a positive approach towards critical thinking with the environment and long-term survival of our existence in mind. Lars has been studying energy commodities for the energy transition as well as causes and impacts of climate change for almost a decade.

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