CO2 Coalition Members

Joseph Fournier


Dr. Fournier is an accomplished executive and senior scientist, with a 15-year track record in the oil sands, power generation and environmental science industries, both in Canada and in United States.

His career has afforded him an exposure to a diverse range of exciting technology development projects, where he enjoyed fulfilling leadership roles with numerous capital projects, each in excess of $100 million.

Dr. Fournier`s formal graduate training was in solid state electrochemistry specific to hydrogen fuel cells and battery technologies and his undergraduate training was in physics and environmental chemistry.

Currently, Dr. Fournier lives 100 km east of Calgary near the village of Rockford, where he and his family own and operate a ranch along Service Berry Creek. Dr. Fournier`s professional engagements include freelance journalism and is actively working to publish on a range of climate science related topics with a group of international researchers.


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