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James Podruski

About The Member

Mr. Podruski has 45 years of experience in petroleum exploration and development; in advisory and research roles in government organizations; in minerals exploration; in project management; as a director of several junior petroleum companies; and as a former CEO and President of an international junior petroleum company.  He has spent the last 30 years primarily as an independent petroleum consultant as a geologist for junior,  intermediate independent, and multi-national companies evaluating and recommending exploration and development programs; evaluating economic potential, technical, and political risks; and managing field programs and projects in North America, South and Central America, Asia-Pacific, and Eurasia.

He has also published several papers as an officer of the Geological Survey of Canada and the Geological Survey of Papua New Guinea, and as an independent consultant on the geology of Cuba.

He has the broad global geologic perspectives required to assess regional earth history in space and time, having worked in the field mapping surface formations from 3.5 Ga to present and having mapped subsurface petroleum data sets of formations of the Phanerozoic Eon (550Ma to present) for 4D models of geology and petroleum potential.  With this experience comes a knowledge of the nature of the powerful forces that have shaped the history of our planet, and how unreasonable it is for mankind to think that emissions of CO2 are about to destroy civilization and the planet, particularly when present CO2 levels and present temperatures are among the lowest in earth’s history.

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