CO2 Coalition Members

Hugh Crowther

B. Sc. Mechanical Engineering
  • Born and schooled in Zambia Central Africa
  • BSc Mech Eng University of Cape Town (1970)
  • Engineering, Construction and Operations of process and energy plant in South Africa, India, China, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Bahrain and UAE
  • Developed the first CD-based 3,000-page set of Engineering Standards in the Chevron/Texaco group
  • Project Management and systems engineering development and deployment, in China and Japan.
  • Coaching, certification and auditing of 1,100 R&D project managers in 17 Petrochina universities, including production of their first project management handbook and procedures
  • Risk engineering for Chubb Energy Reinsurance, in the Middle East and North Africa region
  • Currently working in Portugal, rebuilding and renovating old villa ruins

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