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Howard Thomas Brady


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Memberships: Explorers Club New YorkAustralian Academy of Forensic Sciences

Awards: Distinquished Alumnus Scientist of the Year, Northern Illinois University in 2011, for his contributions to Antarctic science and the community

Dr Howard Thomas Brady has had a diverse career. Apart from his scientific degrees (M.Sc and Ph.D in Antarctic science), Howard has Diplomas in Philosophy and Theology. Howard was a Catholic priest with an interest in science and, after a short teaching career, was involved with the United States Office of Polar Programs as a scientist for two summers as the US Navy Chaplain to McMurdo Station and the South Pole Station. In the 1970s, Howard was on 4 mainland Antarctic expeditions and one short expedition to Macquarie Island. He specialised in using microscopic diatom fossils to trace the climate and geological history of Antarctica. He was involved in the first ever holes drilled: in rock on the Antarctic mainland: off the pack ice into the Ocean Floor of McMurdo Sound (The Dry Valley Drilling Project); and through the Ross Ice Shelf (The Ross Ice Shelf Project).

In 1980, Howard entered ordinary life and the business world. In 1987, he co-founded a listed public oil company called Mosaic Oil. The Company explored for oil and gas in Papua New Guinea and Queensland, Australia. Between 1998 to 2000 Howard also managed a company with contracts from the Sydney City Council to repave the main plazas of Sydney in preparation for the 2000 Olympic Games. Howard returned to Academia in 2005 and was an Honorary Associate of Macquarie University until 2011. During this period he examined coastal processes and sea level rise along the south coast of New South Wales, Australia. This led to his interest in the broader subject of climate change, and in 2016 Howard published a book ‘Mirrors and Mazes: a guide through the climate debate’. The first edition sold out quickly, and in 2017 the 2nd edition was released. The book is available from the website in Australia and overseas through Amazon. The book was written in a popular style, so ordinary people would be given a framework to generally understand the climate debate. The book was also designed to be an introductory climate reader for students.

Hobbies: Howard has had a long-term interests in cryptology and also in understanding human error in major accidents. Other interests include the piano and golf.


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