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Fred P. Rumak


About The Member

Mr. Rumak is a Professional Geologist, registered to practice in both Canada and the USA.

He gained his initial training as a geoscientist at Gulf Canada Resources and eventually worked his way through numerous mid to junior sized energy companies in roles of increasing  capacity. He gained international experience having worked for an independent producer in Libya and has done business in the USA, Europe and Russia. He became well rounded in the energy business having run a publically traded, junior oil and gas company as CEO for the past decade.

He is a graduate from the University of Manitoba and received additional post graduate academic training at the University of Calgary. Subsequent, Mr. Rumak has educated and updated himself in the field of Climate Science and coupled with his geoscience background is moving forward to bring awareness to governments, industry and the public at large regarding this popular, highly political issue.

He and his wife Anne currently reside in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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