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Dr. Bohn’s early interest in science led him to a career first, as a research scientist, and later, as a technology entrepreneur.  He attended the University of Illinois 1959-1968 receiving a BS in Engineering Physics and a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering.  He was a member of the Sigma Tau engineering honor society.

For his Ph.D. thesis, Dr. Bohn was the first to make a three parameter measurement of the nuclear fission of Uranium-235 simultaneously recording the mass, energy and charge of the two particles in the splitting of the nucleus.  This led to a more complete understanding of the nuclear fission process.  Throughout his graduate studies he maintained his qualifications as an Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) licensed nuclear reactor operator.

Dr. Bohn began his career as a nuclear reactor research scientist at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) where he gained international recognition for his work in reactor physics.  He led the group conducting experimental studies of commercial scale, plutonium-fueled breeder reactors at the ANL Chicago site.  Dr. Bohn was chosen by the AEC to chair the National Cross Section Working Evaluation Group, 1974-1976.  This group, made up of nuclear scientists from the national laboratories and universities, was responsible for reviewing the latest basic nuclear reaction data and certifying its use for the design of both commercial and defense nuclear devices.  I this capacity, he delivered the keynote presentation at the International Conference on Nuclear Cross Sections and Technology in Washington, D.C., 1975.  He was selected as the outstanding engineering graduate by the University of Illinois Nuclear Engineering Department in 1977.

Dr. Bohn had a keen interest in the field of economics especially as it applied to energy technologies and strategies.  He enrolled in the University of Chicago evening program to pursue this interest, earning an MBA with majors in finance and economics in 1976.  He qualified for University honors and was named to Beta Gamma Sigma business honor society.  While at Chicago, he studied and worked closely with Professor Merton Miller (1990 Nobel Prize winner in Economics) to develop a macroeconomic computer simulation of energy use in the U.S. economy.  This interest led to his appointment as Director, Energy Conservation programs at ANL (1977-1979) entailing the development of more efficient energy systems and technologies.

Dr. Bohn followed his entrepreneurial bent when he joined TRW, Inc. in 1979 to participate in the start-up of their energy technology business.  He became the Director, Company Planning and Director, New Business Venture for TRW’s $3.5 billion Space and Defense Sector.  In this capacity, he supported the Sector’s operating units in the development of strategic business plans.

In 1990, Dr. Bohn was recruited to run QUEST Integrated, Inc. of Kent, Washington, formerly the Flow Research Company.  As President, he led the revival of the company, more than doubling its size and returning the company to a healthy, profitable enterprise with the development of advanced, high-pressure waterjet systems and laser-based measurement technologies for the government and commercial markets.  In 1996, Dr. Bohn left QUEST to pursue his own interests.  He taught a course in Strategic Business Planning to second-year MBA students at the University of Washington while developing plans for a start-up company.

In 1997, with the backing of local investors, Dr. Bohn co-founded Tempress Technologies, Inc. (TTI) and served as its first President.  TTI develops and produces high-pressure hydraulic drilling tools for the oil and gas industry.  These tools proved to be highly efficient for hydrofracturing in shale formations.  TTI was acquired by Oil States International of Houston, Texas, and operates today as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Dr. Bohn was recruited by the venture capital group of Battelle Memorial Institute to turn around Plasma Technology, Inc. (PTI).  PTI was engaged in the development of large-scale, induction-coupled plasma reactors for conversion of wastes into clean energy fuels.  As CEO, Dr. Bohn relocated the company to Seattle, renamed PTI to Thermal Conversion Corp. (TCC), acquired full-scale demonstration facilities and completed operational testing at which point TCC was acquired by Novatec.

Dr. Bohn served on the Board of Directors for Quest, TTI and TTC.

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