CO2 Coalition Members

Dan Janzen

MA Agriculture

Dan Janzen received his MA in Agriculture from Oregon State University in 1992.

Since 2013, Dan has worked full-time in international agricultural development in South Sudan (home base since 2016), Colombia, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Malawi.  He specializes in working in the most challenging environments. Janzen teaches best management practices, as well as instructing how appropriate technology combined with character development will alleviate extreme poverty, drought, and flooding, which commonly occur in conflict zones.

Janzen develops posters and other educational curriculum materials and presents at conferences on climate change. His mission is to counter the threat of extreme environmentalism or deep ecology neo-Malthusians ideology.  This is, in part, accomplished by influencing others to focus on climate resilience (best management practices) rather than on reducing CO2. He is convinced that evidence shows that CO2 is a highly beneficial plant “fertilizer”; agricultural productivity today is enhanced by global higher temperatures like those of the Roman and Medieval warm periods; and greenhouse gases assist in preventing the return of cold periods such as the Little Ice Age and associated famines killing tens of millions of people in that period.

Janzen also researches the long-term economic effects of different forms of energy as they relate to human flourishing.  He has worked for a Buy Local campaign. He was also employed in the research division of a large liquid fertilizer company, the MSU Extension Service as an agriculture and natural resources extension agent, and in farm management in Oregon (family farm), California, Indiana, Florida, and Michigan.  He has eight wonderful children.

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