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Charles Steele

PhD Economics

Dr. Charles N. Steele holds the Herman and Suzanne Dettwiler Chair in Economics at Hillsdale College

Dr. Steele has taught economics at the graduate and undergraduate levels in China, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States, and has also worked in private consulting. At Hillsdale College, he teaches a variety of upper division economics courses, among them a two-semester sequence in History of Economic Thought, Environmental and Resource Economics, Mathematical Economics, and Austrian Economics II. His research interests include environmental and resource economics, economics of space development, and economics of institutions and institutional change.

Outside of economics, his interests include trail running and running ultramarathons, mountaineering, and other outdoor activities.


B.A., Montana State University, 1978

M.S., Montana State University, 1990

Ph.D., New York University, 1997

Select Publications

“Why I Won’t Sign Onto Climate Leadership Council’s Plan.” Real Clear Energy, February 6, 2019.

What is something you want remembered about you when you die?

I would want it to be remembered that I ran Le Grizz 20 times and completed it. It’s a 50-mile race in Montana. My last run was number 20 and qualified me to be be inducted into the Le Grizz Chiefs.


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