Climate Policy Should Not Be Used To Determine Limits on Hospital Emissions

By Vijay Jayaraj The turbulence that caused a Singapore Airlines flight to drop 6,000 feet in minutes was blamed on climate change by a hysterical media. Having killed a passenger and injured more than 70 others, the incident was one of the worst of its kind and indeed tragic. However, the connection to supposed man-made… Continue Reading

Natural Gas Fuels Prosperity of Canadian First Nations Communities

By Vijay Jayaraj Obsessed with the faux climate crisis, the Canadian government in Ottawa seemingly discounts altogether the social and economic benefits of natural gas to First Nations communities of the country’s western region. Approximately 5% of the world’s gas comes from Canada, mainly from the vast Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin underlying several provinces, including… Continue Reading

Tiger Populations Depend on Conservation, Not Climate Management

By Vijay Jayaraj Radical organizations such as Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion routinely blame the fossil fuel industry and rapid industrialization for damaging ecosystems. One such claim is that climate change is killing polar bears and myriad other species. “Climate change could wipe out one of world’s largest tiger strongholds,” claimed a headline at EarthDay.org. But… Continue Reading

Brazil’s Economic Future Hinges on Fossil Fuels

By Vijay Jayaraj Brazil’s prosperity hinges on its capacity to harness the foundational element of any economy: energy. However, for millions of Brazilians, the path to economic advancement is complicated by the hypocritical “green” agendas of leaders in developed economies that have benefited from fossil fuels since the beginning of the industrial era. As an… Continue Reading

Counter Point: Fossil Fuels Help the Environment

By Vijay Jayaraj One of the biggest pushbacks to economic development today is the claim that growth destroys nature. Radical organizations like Extinction Rebellion label capitalism and agriculture as evil. The fossil-fuel industry in particular and industrialization in general are blamed for the loss of ecosystems and habitats. Mainstream media make dramatic claims that wildlife… Continue Reading

Fossil Fuels Are the Answer to Asia’s Hot Summers

By Vijay Jayaraj Fossil fuels, often blamed for causing Asia’s hot summers due to global warming, are helping people survive the sweltering heat! Yes, coal-fired power plants, despite their caricature of evil by know-nothing journalists, continue to play a crucial role in ensuring energy security during challenging summers. In the densely populated metropolitan areas of… Continue Reading

Drowning in Sewage and Dumping Money into a Climate Rathole

We humans dream of colonizing Mars, building flying cars, and achieving immortality. Yet, amidst this fervent pursuit of futures that sometimes drift into fantasy, we’re neglecting critical problems of the present. An example is rampant pollution of our waters. This neglect exists even in advanced societies such as the United Kingdom, where untreated sewage spills… Continue Reading

Asia Embraces Coal as the U.S. Rejects It

By Vijay Jayaraj Vietnam and other Asian countries are on a coal spree! Given the dynamics of energy use in the rapidly developing industrial sector there, it is no surprise that these nations have backpedalled on big promises made at international climate conferences to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels. Vietnam’s projected 2024… Continue Reading

NOAA Permits Wind Energy Operators to Harass and Kill Whales

By Vijay Jayaraj Wind energy is clean and green. It is the magic switch to turn off global heating. And unicorns are real. You may name your most cherished illusion among those three if you please. But it will not change the fact that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and wind energy companies… Continue Reading

Developing Nations Reject Western Carbon Colonialism

By Vijay Jayaraj Guyana President Irfaan Ali is the latest leader of a developing nation to publicly note the hypocrisy of those pressuring countries like his to forego wealth in pursuit of a “green” agenda. In a fiery response to a BBC interviewer’s questioning of Guyana’s “right” to emit carbon dioxide in developing $150 billion… Continue Reading

The Good Camel Story That Climate Fearmongers Don’t Tell

By Vijay Jayaraj For centuries, Somali pastoralists have relied on camels for sustenance, transport and social status. In recent decades, camel husbandry has evolved into a very profitable business, transforming the lives of many Somalis. However, the mainstream media, using images of dry lands, would have us believe that this flourishing enterprise is threatened by… Continue Reading

Arctic’s Inuit Seek Benefits of Fossil Fuel Economy

By Vijay Jayaraj The allure of the Arctic continues to captivate imaginations with its beautiful, if sometimes forbidding, wilderness. Equally captivating to some, beneath these vast landscapes of permafrost and ice, is the economic lure of oil and gas promising economic prosperity and development. However, for the Inuit communities in Canada, Alaska and Greenland, who… Continue Reading

In Central Asia’s Brutal Winter, Fossil Fuels Trump Climate Politics

By Vijay Jayaraj Globally, winter cold kills more people than summer heat, and winter in Central Asia is no gentle visitor. Temperatures can plummet to minus 40°C (-40°F), transforming bustling cities into frozen landscapes and testing the limits of human endurance. Rich in history and diverse in geography, the region is also known for biting… Continue Reading

Wind and Solar Slaughtering India’s Iconic Bird

By Vijay Jayaraj By commissioning expensive and inefficient wind and solar electric generating facilities, India may have dug the grave of its own efforts to save the critically endangered great Indian bustard. Erected to avert a faux climate crisis, the so-called renewable machines and their attendant transmission lines are helping to drive one of Earth’s… Continue Reading

Health of Fish Stocks Contradict Climate Alarmists Predictions

By Vijay Jayaraj The oceans are still very much a mystery to humankind, with a vast majority of it yet to be explored. Early in my career, I wanted to make an in-depth study of how climate affected marine life. After all, many media reports claimed that “oceans will become empty by 2048.” So, as… Continue Reading

No Climate Crisis for Thriving Honeybees

By Vijay Jayaraj Writing anything good about climate change runs the risk of the writer getting lynched metaphorically by the online enforcers of a cultist apocalyptic narrative. For years, doomsayers have insisted that polar bears are in danger of extinction because of man-made warming even as experts have shown that populations have actually increased. So… Continue Reading

EU Farmers Protest Green Policies’ Threat to Greenest Lands

By Vijay Jayaraj Europe’s picturesque landscapes, adorned with sprawling croplands and pastures, have long been part of the continent’s agrarian identity. However, a wave of farmer protests has intruded on this peaceful scene and extended into cities. From the rolling hills of France to the windswept plains of Poland, farmers have driven their tractors onto… Continue Reading

Green Activists are a Menace to Society

Vandalizing art is more akin to cultural terrorism than constructive activism By Vijay Jayaraj A swirl of tomato soup engulfs Van Gogh’s vibrant “Sunflowers.” Mashed potatoes mar Monet’s serene “Water Lilies.” Around the globe, priceless artworks endure desecration in the name of climate activism. On a recent weekend, so-called eco-activists threw yellow soup on da… Continue Reading

Have You Heard About Record-Low Temps Around The World? Of Course Not — It Doesn’t Fit The Narrative

By Vijay Jayaraj Despite claims of “unprecedented heat” over the past year, the on-going winter of 2023-24 is seeing temperatures plummet globally. In December, sub-zero temperatures broke 70-year-old cold-weather records in Beijing. Last week, the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe were in the midst of an Arctic freeze. With a wavy jet stream,… Continue Reading

Shaking Off Old Climate Lies for the New Year

By Vijay Jayaraj As we embark on a new year, our hopes and aspirations are renewed even as the specter of a climate doomsday purportedly looms over us. The predicted apocalypse being a falsehood, we are called upon in this season of joy and love to forgive the fear-mongers perpetrating it.  These would include policymakers, news… Continue Reading

Coal’s Life-Saving Role Ignored By Climate-Obsessed Media

By Vijay Jayaraj On a recent cold winter day, residents of Munich were surprised to see people skiing in the street. Yes, that is how much snow fell in the German city and other parts of Europe during the early winter of 2023-2024. Despite a disruption to both ground and air travel, the Germans survived… Continue Reading

Two Different Shows in Dubai Related to South Korea

By Vijay Jayaraj Much of the United Nations’ annual climate gatherings is show. Some of it is unintentional and amusing while other performances are planned and, for the rational observer, more troubling than entertaining. Take the 28th Conference of Parties (COP28) in Dubai. Some surely smiled at the lapse of United Arab Emirates host mixing… Continue Reading

Brewing Truth: Climate Doomsayers’ Cooked up Coffee Crisis

By Vijay Jayaraj Every day, people across the world wake up to news about climate change affecting their lives. With the seeming randomness of a capricious roulette wheel, the doomsday clique of the climate world daily selects a fresh topic to sow seeds of anxiety among the populace. Popular things easily recognized — even cherished… Continue Reading

Economic Progress and Fossil Fuels: The Elephant in the Room at U.N. Climate Conference

The mainstream media are gearing up to bombard people with terms like “climate emergency,” “climate justice” and “climate equity” in anticipation of this week’s start of the 28th United Nations Conference of the Parties in Dubai. They might even introduce catchphrases and announce historic breakthroughs in emission-reduction diplomacy. The public relations messaging of climate politics, however, has… Continue Reading

Jet-Set Hypocrites Want to Keep Billions in Poverty Around the World

by Vijay Jayaraj The United Nations Conference of the Parties, more commonly referred to as COP, is a yearly climate conference. This year’s COP, the 28th such event, is to be held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) city of Dubai between Nov. 30 and Dec. 12. The irony of the event’s location this year cannot… Continue Reading

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