Coal’s Importance for Solar Panel Manufacturing

By Dr. Lars Schernikau Coal is not the favorite “child” these days. It seems that almost the entire western political world has sworn to send coal to its grave. Not only have the United Nations and the IEA literally declared “war” on coal, but countless political, activist organizations and even leading financial institutions have pledged, if it… Continue Reading

The Role of Nuclear in the Global World of Energy

By Dr. Lars Schernikau The world’s first nuclear power plant started operation near Moscow in 1954. The following decades saw hundreds of nuclear reactors being built around the world, with the United States, France, and China leading the build-out, making up about half of today’s global installations. About 90 per cent of today’s operating nuclear reactors were… Continue Reading

Members’ Book Tells Unpopular Truths About Electricity

By Gregory Wrightstone Our members Dr. Lars Schernikau (energy economist and commodity trader) and Dr. William H. Smith (Professor for Earth and Planetary Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis) recently published their new book “The Unpopular Truth… about Electricity and the Future of Energy” (on Amazon). The book quickly reached Top 3 on Amazon in… Continue Reading

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