Truth and Science: A Nobel Laureate’s Advice to Students

By Ron Barmby Dr. John Clauser is an experimental physicist of the highest order. His 2022 Nobel Prize in physics is enough to make him one of the preeminent scientists of our times. His work confirmed the existence of quantum entanglement—that two particles once linked remain linked no matter how far apart they are pulled.… Continue Reading

Dr. John Clauser | Quantum Korea 2023 | The Crisis of Pseudoscience

Nobel laureate Dr. John Clauser, a CO2 Coalition Board of Directors member, delivered a lecture at Quantum Korea 2023 Seoul on June 26, 2023. Regarding climate, Dr. Clauser stated “I can confidently say there is no real climate crisis” in his address.   Please find the transcript of Dr. Clauser’s speech below: Oh, I hope there wasn’t… Continue Reading

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