The Cost of Wyoming’s Senseless CO2 Capture

by Frits Byron Soepyan Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon has signed a piece of legislation that directs public utilities providing electricity to more than 10,000 customers to “generate a specified percentage of electricity that is dispatchable and reliable low‑carbon electricity.” This rule applies to existing coal‑fired plants and equivalent new plants. “Low-carbon” is defined as electricity… Continue Reading

The Cost of EPA’s Senseless CO2 Capture

by Frits Byron Soepyan In April 24, 2024, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) passed a new rule that would require coal power plants that plan to continue operating after January 1, 2039, and new natural gas power plants that plan to begin operation on or after 2035 to capture at least 90% of… Continue Reading

Climate Change Is Normal and Natural, and Can’t Be Controlled

by Frits Byron Soepyan NASA claimed that “Earth is warming at an unprecedented rate” and “human activity is the principal cause.” Others proposed spending trillions of dollars to control the climate. But are we humans responsible for climate change? And what can we do about it? “The climate of planet Earth has never stopped changing… Continue Reading

EVs, Wind, and Solar are Neither Reliable Nor Environmentally Friendly: Here’s Why

Wind and solar energy systems are not cheap, reliable or environmentally friendly, and EVs also prove to be dangerous, unreliable and expensive. by Byron Soepyan Various governments have made commitments to expand the use of electric vehicles (EVs) and alternative energy systems. The stated objectives include reducing pollution, improving human health and the environment, protecting the environment and providing reliable energy at… Continue Reading

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