The Looming Electrical Power Shortage

By Steve Goreham People in developed nations take abundant electricity for granted. When asked where electricity comes from, most will point to their wall outlet. But many states in the US are headed for a serious and prolonged shortage of electrical power not seen in decades, driven by rising demand from the artificial intelligence revolution… Continue Reading

How AI Is Outsmarting Green Energy, Zero Carbon Fantasies

By Larry Bell Big artificial intelligence-related companies are soon coming to realize that net-zero emissions plans to kill and replace fossil energy with wind and solar is a dumb notion that will leave them and American power consumers competing in the dark. As noted by Wall Street Journal writers Jennifer Hiller and Scott Patterson, giant… Continue Reading

The AI Revolution Is Bad News for Net Zero

By Steve Goreham Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the world by storm. New AI applications are announced daily. Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta, Microsoft, and many companies tout plans for artificial intelligence capabilities. But the AI revolution is bad news for global efforts to achieve net-zero emissions. The AI revolution is based on high-performance AI chips,… Continue Reading

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