Virginia: Life Is Good and Getting Better

Temperature Source: U.S. Historical Climate Network Atmospheric concentration of CO2 – European Environment Agency

The CO2 Coalition is embarking on a bold review of how climate change and increasing carbon dioxide are impacting states and regions across the United States. We have completed reports on Pennsylvania, Virginia, as well as the Midwest and are in the process of researching data for Arkansas and Montana. We will likely expand this to regions across the globe.

The Virginia data is representative of what we are finding in each area:

  • There is no unusual or unprecedented warming.
  • Heat waves have been declining.
  • Severe weather is not increasing.
  • Crop and forest growth is increasing.
  • Droughts are in decline.
  • There is no increase in hurricanes.

Corn Yield Source: USDA Data and Statistics Atmospheric concentration of CO2 – European Environment Agency

Virginia Climate Models vs. Actual Temperature

Dr. John Christy of the University of Alabama in Huntsville compared modeled temperature to the actual measured temperature and found that the models greatly overpredict warming for the Commonwealth of Virginia.



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