National Teachers Group Censors Climate Science That Doesn’t Conform To Disaster Agenda

From Cowboy State Daily’s Kevin Killough, State Energy Reporter:

A growing debate on how climate science is taught in classrooms was highlighted last week at the National Science Teaching Association’s annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

The CO2 Coalition paid for a booth at the event. Despite approving the booth, the NSTA told the group it would have to remove its literature from display at the convention or it would be kicked out.

The material was critical of the association’s position that climate science should be taught as an absolute consensus and never presented as having any uncertainty.

Greg Wrightstone, president of the CO2 Coalition, refused to remove the offending material and was escorted out of the building.

“We accused them of censoring science, and then they confirmed that,” Wrightstone told Cowboy State Daily.

The complete Cowboy State Daily article, originally published March 29, 2023, can be accessed here.

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