LinkedIn Bans Geologist for Posting the U.S. Government’s Own CO2 Graphs, Saying They Are “False” and “Not Allowed”

“Big Tech’s crackdown on sceptical climate science continues with the recent news that Gregory Wrightstone, a geologist and the Executive Director of the CO2 Coalition, has been permanently excluded from LinkedIn, a social media platform owned by Microsoft. Wrightstone has had problems with the LinkedIn censors for some time, but he noted that his final demise occurred when he posted two charts used by the IPCC. The charts show the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere according to the paleoclimatic record. The data come from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and are widely considered the best available science.”

Originally published here by The Daily Sceptic on 13 July 2022.


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