From Princeton Alumni Weekly: And Now, a Different Perspective on Climate Change  

From Princeton Alumni Weekly, May 31, 2023:

And Now, a Different Perspective on Climate Change  

At the other end of the climate change conversation, a panel titled “Climate Change is NOT an Emergency,” sponsored by the Conservative Princeton Association, featured speakers arguing that the media and policymakers are pushing a narrative laden with misinformation and fear.

Moderator Alex Zarechnak ’68, formerly of the engineering group MPR Associates, said demands are rising for climate solutions that would overhaul infrastructure and society in a way that will harm the world’s poorest people. “There is a different perspective that you don’t hear very much about,” he said.

The complete Princeton Alumni Weekly article, originally published May 31, 2023, can be accessed here.

A note from CO2 Coalition:

To correct one statement in the PAW article:  The event was broadcast live on two parallel feeds: Zoom and livestream. The Zoom feed had to be terminated because there was a hacking incident which occurred showing obscene images and hateful, racist language which appeared to be a brazen attempt to block an open public discussion. However, the separate livestream proceeded without further incident. 

The distinguished panel consisted of three CO2 Coalition directors: Drs. Will Happer, Patrick Moore, and Bruce Everett. The CO2 Coalition will soon provide the recorded video presentation on our website and YouTube channel.

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