E-Vehicle Woes: German Cities Remove E-Buses From Service After Bursting In Flames: “Fire Hazard”

E-buses in Germany a “fire hazard” as batteries can heat up to 1000°C. German cities taking vehicles out of service as a precaution. 

Even after years of fine-tuning, electric vehicle manufacturers still seem unable to get e-vehicle technology to work as safely as it needs to for personal and public transportation.

German media, for example here, report that currently electric buses are being withdrawn from service in cities because they pose a fire hazard. Earlier in June of this year in Hanover, Germany, a major fire  destroyed nine buses belonging to the Üstra transport company and so the company took the remaining buses out of service until the exact cause is determined….

Article originally appeared on the notrickzone.com website at: https://notrickszone.com/2021/11/07/e-vehicle-woes-german-cities-remove-e-buses-from-service-after-bursting-in-flames-fire-hazard/

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