Coral Bleaching: The Reef Strikes Back

Dr Jennifer Marohasy and Dr Peter Ridd launch two documentaries showing the true state of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef (GBR)


“The Australian Institute for Progress and the Institute for Public Affairs is hosting a world first premiere of ‘A Coral Bleaching Tragedy‘ as well as its prequel “The Measure of the Great Barrier Reef” to be followed by a Q & A with the films’ director and narrator Jennifer Marohasy, and scientific consultant Peter Ridd.

These movies show the true state of the reef now, while providing some historical perspective. Has the GBR been damaged by bleaching? How badly, and is this outside normal parameters?

Ironies, misinformation and naked ambition all coalesce around this iconic natural adornment of Queensland, and this is a good chance to explore them and what the real state of the reef is with people who really know and care. This is an event you won’t want to miss! Seeing is believing.

Get tickets here for 24 July 2022 in Brisbane QLD Australia.

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